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Fractale | 04

March 22, 2011

Departure view

There was heavy religious overtones since the beginning.  At first I thought why is the church handling matters of science.  Then it became how, when, and why did the church seize power.  Either there was already a strong church government in place or it merged with the church to combat the rising number of people rejecting the system.  An explanation on the matter would be nice but I wouldn’t hold my breath. (more…)

“Yumedamaya Kidan” Pushed Back to Fall

July 7, 2007

Yumedamaya KidanThe annual 5th ANIMAX 2006 Grand Prize winner “Yumedamaya Kidan” by Akari Tsukino was developed by Production I.G. and sceduled for release November 2007 after it was pushed back from a summer debut.