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Tokyo Tribe 2 | 13

May 22, 2007

First Impression: The truth behind the accident— unexpected. (Spoilers)
TT2 E13

Tokyo Tribe 2 | 12

May 21, 2007

TT2 E12

Tokyo Tribe 2 | 11

May 20, 2007

TT2 E11 (DoA)

Tokyo Tribe 2 | 10

May 19, 2007

TT2 E10

Tokyo Tribe 2 | 09

May 18, 2007

TT2 E09

Tokyo Tribe 2 | 08

May 17, 2007

First Impression: Mkky D’s special sauce does not make good breath mint.
TT2 E08

Tokyo Tribe 2 | 07

May 16, 2007

TT2 E07

Tokyo Tribe 2 | 06

May 15, 2007

TT2 E06

Tokyo Tribe 2 | Track 05

February 26, 2007

First Impression: Holeeeee cow. Scary dreadlocks just chopped a guy in half with his bare hands.


TT2’s Homage to Star Wars

February 22, 2007

I’ve thought this since the first episode but I think its conclusive now after watching TT2 episode 5/Track 5. There are Star Wars references in Tokyo Tribe 2. doanimation_tokyotribe2_jabba-buppa-comparison-1b.jpgdoanimation_tokyotribe2_jabba-buppa-comparison-2b.jpgdoanimation_tokyotribe2_jabba-buppa-comparison-3.jpgI kid you not. The most blatantly obvious reference is Jabba the Hut. I remember seeing Buppa for the first time and thinking, its Jabba the Hut! No, surely not, you may think. He’s just a grossly obese, metabolically challenged individual. Okay but if you look at TT2’s official website, you’ll find Buppa is actually spelled Bubba (due to romanization, topic too long to discuss here) which looks suspiciously like “Jabba” to me. (more…)