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Soul Eater | Moar Excerpts

March 24, 2008

What’s a shounen comic without babes and b00bs.

Soul Eater | Death Scythe And Other Random Excerpts

March 23, 2008

So who’s the comic relief? Everyone but Death Scythe in particular.
Soul Eater copyright Ookubo Atsuki. Translation by Mana-Rain. Layout edits by DoA.

“An Obscene and Horrible Sensation”


Soul Eater | Random Excerpts From Comic

March 22, 2008

The translation is awkward so the jokes are hit and miss. Picked a few that translated well.
Soul Eater copyright OOKUBO ATSUSHI. Translations by Manga-Rain. Layout edits by DoA.

“God of Perfect Grades”


Soul Eater | Preview Screenshots

March 22, 2008

Soul Eater E01

SOUL EATER | Characters

March 21, 2008

Soul EaterSoul Eater (TV) Name: Soul Eater. Vocation: Weapon. Type: Demon Scythe. School: Shibusen. Status: Student. Field Notes: Maka’s weapon. His goal is to become the ultimate Demon Scythe and succeed Death’s current weapon, Death Scythe.