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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha | Macroeconomics Will Save The World, Not the Hero

January 13, 2013

I liked the economics angle of Spice & Wolf but didn’t care for the two main characters or their story. The same team worked on this new anime, and though there are similarities, this story is by far more entertaining. It starts out like a typical medieval fantasy, the gallant hero sets off to defeat the Demon King and his forces of evil; except, the Demon King is really an intelligent woman, and she wants to end the war, and she proceeds to break down the stereotypes of their roles and explain they must find a true economic solution. The first episode is a macroeconomics lesson but humor, magic, and engaging dialogue is used to make it fun to watch. Most of the comedy stems from the hero’s interaction with the Demon King who uses all her feminine wiles to beguile the hero into accepting her proposal. The anime sports a subdued tone not unlike Mushishi so viewers shouldn’t expect any epic Bleach battles here.

Can't look her in the eyes, huh?

Can’t look her in the eyes, huh?

E01 E02

“Starvation is an excuse used by the weak!”
“And the people are protected by their lords. So starvation is impossible.”
“Then you’ve never starved, have you?” – E02