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Hey, Isn’t That…

June 6, 2011

I thought the men behind Tiger and Bunny looked familiar and it hits me Tiger is a dead ringer for Otoha Yousuke (Karas).  It’s mainly the eyes. The way it’s drawn with the eye shine is the same. Turns it’s because both anime share the same character designer, Hayama Kenji.

Tiger, Tiger & Bunny E01


Karas OVA Revelation| What to Expect

October 1, 2007

October 23 is so far away… ⊂(゚Д゚⊂⌒`つ≡≡≡(´⌒;;;≡≡≡ (more…)

Finally, Karas 05 & 06 Screencaps

September 15, 2007

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!! Screencaps for the final two episodes E6 are up. Thanks to Haven for providing images from the soon-to-be released Karas the Revelation OVA. Karas fans not on preorder online, should call up their favorite shops to make sure they’ll have it in stock.

Update 2007-09-17: E05 caps up.

Karas | 05 & 06 Update

September 3, 2007

Spoilers ahead. Continue at your own risk.

These last episodes aired in Japan but flew right under the radar in the anime news feeds. щ(゚Д゚щ) Get quick synops and screencaps from PPVJ. Air Date 2007-08-03 thru 2007-08-09. (more…)

Karas The Revelation DVD 2 Update

August 28, 2007

Finally, Karas volume 2 is available October 23, 2007 for Stateside fans at around $13.99. UK fans can get the DVD September 24, 2007, for about £14.99.


June 30, 2007

*Warning! There be spoilers here!*

Found a great post to help all the confused folks out there. It’s a butt load of information to clarify all those nagging questions about Karas. Agree with most of it except #7. (more…)

Karas DVD Scedule Update

June 27, 2007

第四話「人 乙羽」  8月24日(金) (DVD4)
Ep 4 : Otoha – The Human 2007-08-24

第五話「幻想区」   9月28日(金) (DVD5)
Ep 5 : The Dream District 2007-09-28

第六話「真 伝説」 10月26日(金) (DVD6)
Ep 6 : Legend – The Truth 2007-10-26

Source: Tatsunoko

Karas 04 Update With Broadcast Schedule

June 27, 2007

For those who missed Karas episode 4 which aired last week in Japan, view screencaps and read the synopsis at PPVJ! The blonde female Karas makes an encore appearance and finally transforms.

Karas | OVA Volume 1

April 28, 2007

DVD Volume 1 Karas: the Prophecy

Karas | Selenite ED

April 28, 2007