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Kamen no Maid Guy | Cameo on Ninomiya-kun

March 22, 2008

Sighted back in ’07, Maid Guy made a cameo in Ninomiya-kun E03 before his official debut this spring.

Maid Guy 2Main Guy 1

Kamen no Maid Guy | Media

July 27, 2007


Kamen no Maid Guy Cosplay

July 26, 2007


Kadokawa has a webpage featuring cosplay from the outrageous manga, Kamen no Maid Guy. The rest of the article is about the main characters from the comic.

MAID GUY EYE! The Insane World of Kogarashi

July 11, 2007

Found: More reason to watch this anime or load up on the manga.

Masked Maid Update

July 9, 2007

For those who didn’t read the comic book, I bring thee Enlightening Summary!