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Wierd Way to Grab a Person, Hakkenden Touhou E03

January 21, 2013
Sousuke demands an explanation!

This is how you have a conversation in Hakkeden Touhou Hakken Ibun, E03.

There’s a lot of pointless scenes like this in E03. The decent pace from E01 slowed down in E02 and came to a crawl in the newest episode. Characters spend majority of the time talking or walking around town to show off thier pretty faces. I guess it’s my own prejudice but it’s hard to digest monks acting like a ruthless lynch mob. The short lackluster battle doesn’t help either. Shino might as well be holding a tennis racket based on the lame way he used Murasame.  Then Shino and Genpachi are easily defeated by mere bow and arrows. At least make the arrows look like it’s blessed arrows like in Inuyasha, when Kikyo or Kagome lets loose purifying arrows with cool SFX or blue light.

Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun Review, I Guess

January 21, 2013

Only watched two episodes but it’s basically Ao no Exorcist for girls in case the pretty boys wasn’t a dead give away.


Inutsuka Shino

Like AoE’s bloody and fiery inferno intro, we’re presented with a similar scene feature a [gender bending protagonist] called Shino.  Shino looks like a girl in the intro because the boys in Ootsuka Village dress like girls until the age of 15 (E02). According to Sousuke, the village is razed to the ground to stop the spread of an unspecified disease but he’s forgotten the details like how he was dead. Or near dead along with Shino. The fire was purposely set but its uncertain if it’s by the church (perhaps Rio saved Shino out of guilt back then), monsters, or if the village was simply caught in the middle of a battle. The answer probably lay with the monster that lures humans with a doppelgänger that looks exactly like Shino from five years ago. (more…)