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Paint.NET Test

July 2, 2011

It’s MS Paint with Layers.

Test 1


Exorcist Figurines

June 25, 2011


Yukio, Rin + demon form, and Shiemi

moar cat…

O hai gaiz

Ao no Exorcist by Kazue Kato.

Chibi Exorcist

June 20, 2011

lol @waving Sith.  Why is Yukio holding poo?

Ao no Exorcist Toy

Ao no Exorcist Profile in World of Warcraft: Druid

June 19, 2011

Shiemi character profile on battlenet.

Version 1

If Shiemi was on a PvE server… (more…)

Ao no Exorcist | Offical and Fanart Images

June 18, 2011

Blue Exorcist images.

Ao no Exorcist and Black Rock Shooter

Collection of fanart maintained by j65p5p(more…)

Edit Test

June 18, 2011

GIMP editing software test w/ tablet.

Original panel from Ch 11

Try 1.

*Try 2*

Try 3


Ao no Exorcist | 09

June 14, 2011

おもひで | Omoide | “Memories”

Face punt curtesy Faust.


Ao no Exorcist | Rank Chart

June 12, 2011

Corporate Ladder

Animated version, E10

Sony Playstation a Cultural Icon ?

June 12, 2011

Ao No Exorcist, manga c7. You don’t even need to own a Playstation to understand those symbols.

Dreaming in Playstation controller button combination.

Ao no Exorcist | 08

June 6, 2011

此に病める者あり | Koko ni Yameru Mono Ari | “Now a Certain Man was Sick”

Tooth decay spares noone.