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True -acoustic arrange- & drop

September 1, 2013

★Title: True -acoustic arrange- / KK & kacchan
★Singer: KK
★ニコ link:
★Music & Lyrics : yukkedoluce
★Guitar: kacchan mylist/21414261
★Illustration : kumao♀

★Title: 『drop』 歌ってみた リミット
★Singer: LIMIT
★ニコ link:

Edit 9-3-2013: moved Limit’s version of Hitorinbo Envy to under Hanatan’s version, here. See Melonotes channel/video description for full details on each song.

Kimi no Oto & Aishiteru

August 27, 2013

★Title: 「キミノオト」 歌ってみた リミット
★Singer: Limit
★ニコ link:

★Title: 愛してる 歌ってみた リミット
★Singer: Limit
★ニコ link:

Aji no nai kyandī, Out of Eden, and Hitorinbo envy

August 3, 2013

★Title: 味のないキャンディー 歌ってみた 【まじ娘】
★Singer: Majiko sm21384672

★Title: 【再び】アウト オブ エデン、歌ってみた【秋赤音】
★Singer: Akiakane sm21404518

★Title: ✿ 独りんぼエンヴィー 歌ってみた ver 花たん
★Singer: Hanatan sm21356770

★Title: 独りんぼエンヴィー 歌ってみた リミット
★Singer: Limit
★ニコ link:

Afterglow and The Lost One’s Weeping

April 23, 2013

『Afterglow』 歌ってみた リミット
Song by Jimmy-Thumb P (ジミーサムP), “Reboot” album
Video by Popurika (ぽぷりか) & Ohajiki (おはじき)
Voice by Limit

Voice by NNC sm20477033
Original voice by Megurine Luka sm20244831

Sums up the stress of dreams, academia, and anxiety of the future after graduation.

【蛇足】 ロストワンの号哭 歌ってみた 【蛇足】
Song by Neru
Video by 456
Tuning by 友達募集P/Tomodachi Boshuu-P
Voice by Dasoku

Voice by Dasoku sm20284832
Voice by NNC sm20370227
Voice by Kagamine Rin sm20244918

Song deals with Japan’s stifling, some may say oppressive, academic setting. While anime has spiraled into banal moe drivel, vocaloid MV’s is a new frontier of explosive creativity. Anime needs to seriously take cues from these talented artists.

Hikareru Satellite and A Solution for Jealousy

April 22, 2013

Song by tilt
Video by mozuya
Vocals by Miku sm20433562 (w/ eng sub here)

The classic “red thread of fate” story. Dubstep… dubstep everywhere.

┗|∵|┓ヤキモチの答え/HoneyWorks feat.GUMI
Song by shito of HoneyWorks
Vocals by Gumi sm20332495
■guitar:中西 mylist/14052593
■guitar:海賊王 mylist/29593066
■bass:使徒 mylist/3178235
■piano:Wato mylist/10355555
■movie:ヤマコ mylist/21352204

Miku version (the response) ┗|∵|┓ヤキモチの答え-another story-/HoneyWorks feat.初音ミク

Vocals by Arumaro
Vocals by Kaoru

Nippon media is amuck with teens stuck on first love; what does the west have? Adults in love with food. Oh my dayum!


February 18, 2013

aka Hello/How are you?
vocals by Nico Nico Chorus sm14510841
song by よっすぃ – mylist/11692427
animation by lepus – mylist/10434309

vocals by Road (eng dub)

Last Night, Good Night

January 29, 2013

vocals by rockleetist

feat Kaito sm5607646
on ocarina
Original vocals by Miku sm4141643

Trees in Our Homeland & Journey

January 28, 2013

Music and lyrics by Ryuryu sm13104396
Illustration by 岬
Vocals by Candy sm13104396?
Original vocals by Miku
feat soraru

Just Be Friends

January 27, 2013

Song by Dixie Flatline
Animation by Yunomi
Vocals by various Nico Nico singers sm9252008

Original vocals by Megurine Luka sm7528841


January 20, 2013

Song by ラヴリーP (LOVELY-P)
Vocals by various Nico Nico singers sm12586738
Original vocals by Miku sm5857175