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Path of Exile Newbie Guide OB

February 5, 2013

Path of Exile is currently in open beta. Sign-up for an account to download the game. Friends list shows your _account name_ and toon your currently playing. So you can’t hide from your “friends”. For new players, it’s a Diablo 2 style game which fans say is what Diablo 3 should have been.

The primary difference between classes is the initial stat distribution and where they start in the passive skill tree (P). Unlike traditional talent trees, PoE doesn’t unlock any skills. There is no right or wrong passive nodes. Hardcore players pick specific passives for survivability and skill support. For complete class stat distribution, check out the game mechanics thread. PoE provides a skill tree builder. Make sure to click full screen so you can zoom, select the class, and build your tree from the attribute node.

Your given a weapon at the beginning (it’s on the ground above you) to help you start. However, you’re not locked into any particular weapon; there is no class specific weapon in this game. You can have a bow wielding witch if you want. (more…)

Indie PC Game “To The Moon” A Tear Jerker, But Where’s the Game? + Spoilers

December 31, 2012

I didn’t mind the story centered gameplay but there’s no real challenge to this game. (more…)

Don’t Play Runes of Magic!

December 15, 2012

Is what I recommend but for those who want to try… MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT LANAGUAGE FLAG on the website. Your login account for the game is directly tied to the language you select at signup. (more…)