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Disney’s “Paperman” emotive like a Japanese anime

September 29, 2013
Trying to reach her with a paper airplane.

Trying to reach her with a paper airplane.

Japanese anime run the gamut of styles and themes but they also devote a lot of time into quiet stories that try to capture real emotions like “3 centimeters”. Japanese taste and sensibility is reflected in Miyazaki animations. He will often contrast something beautiful with something ugly such as a breathtaking landscape panoramic with warplanes destroying a city in the background (Howl’s Moving Castle). Some of the most dramatic moments is captured in silence, a technique under-utilized by western animation houses. Disney animations of today tend to pander the same stereotypes and boring visuals which was once amuck with fresh ideas during the early days of animation. Remember the one lump or two joke? What about punching a stack of wood causing it to rearrange into a house? You get a gold star if you remember the animation series that sported those visuals. (more…)

Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun Review, I Guess

January 21, 2013

Only watched two episodes but it’s basically Ao no Exorcist for girls in case the pretty boys wasn’t a dead give away.


Inutsuka Shino

Like AoE’s bloody and fiery inferno intro, we’re presented with a similar scene feature a [gender bending protagonist] called Shino.  Shino looks like a girl in the intro because the boys in Ootsuka Village dress like girls until the age of 15 (E02). According to Sousuke, the village is razed to the ground to stop the spread of an unspecified disease but he’s forgotten the details like how he was dead. Or near dead along with Shino. The fire was purposely set but its uncertain if it’s by the church (perhaps Rio saved Shino out of guilt back then), monsters, or if the village was simply caught in the middle of a battle. The answer probably lay with the monster that lures humans with a doppelgänger that looks exactly like Shino from five years ago. (more…)

Chihayafuru | The Weight of Friendship

January 14, 2013
Chihaya and Taichi overwhelmed with emotion -- "Arata is back!"

Chihaya and Taichi overwhelmed with emotion — “Arata is back!” – E20

My first thought was why is it only Taichi and Chihaya crying. A display of gross imbalance in the trio’s friendship; Taichi and Chihaya is more emotionally invested in their relationship. In a situation like that, getting a little misty eyed is normal. Didn’t really need Arata’s teacher to tell us he was very nervous about meeting them. I think it’s obvious he’s the type that internalizes his feelings. Then again it’s hard to warm up to a character that’s featured so infrequently and given a godlike status by his friends. (more…)