Downgrade to Galaxy S7 Edge and Upgrade to Windows 10


Youtube search Samsung Note 7 to see the harassment for owners to trade-in “fire hazard” phone. Owners are banned from flights, have phone battery reduced to 60% capacity, and have a permanent recall note plastered to the screen every time phone is woken up from idle. I find the owner who was given an envelope to return his Note 7 by mail especially humorous since it’s banned on airplanes and parcels can be shipped by air.

Anyway, after contemplating a refund I decided to downgrade to S7 Edge and … surprisingly happy I did. There were issues with the Note 7 I didn’t realize were issues. I made many, many spelling errors with the keyboard b/c it was oddly sensitive and picking up finger presses that I swear I didn’t make. S7 Edge keyboard is more exact with touch and has a satisfying tactile feel. Overall, felt more responsive whereas Note 7’s touch recognition seemed inaccurate which is impt to me since I text more than talk. Wasn’t sure contact list I saved from Note 7 would transfer correctly to Edge but it did. Samsung’s Mobile to PC SmartSwitch software even gave me options on what to restore such as only the contact list and not downloaded apps which I didn’t want to use anymore. All is well, downgrade on phone a success.

As for Windows 10, Win 7 was acting up on my main computer. Experienced frequent intermittent screen freezes. Blamed the application I was using but freezes occurred outside of the app too. After blaming hardware, internet service provider, motherboard, then spending three Win 7 reinstall attempts and two days in between waiting for Windows Update to, well, update with no sucess, I was blamed for using outdated O/S. I thought why not, lets use Microsoft’s latest unproductive consumer garbage rolled out on professionals and installed Win 10 yesterday. Installation successful but most of my time is spent trying to make Win 10 function and look like Win 7. I have to thank Tenforums, howtogeek, and pcworld for posting tutorials and help on removing most unwanted apps and UI elements, especially how to turn off automatic updates and set it to notify me to update.

For a reluctant Win 10 user, gpedit.msc and Win+X/right click start menu is my new dialogue with Win 10. I’ve also accepted I’m stuck with Cortana icon in All Apps. I don’t think non-minimalists will ever understand why the mere sight of an uwanted, unused app icon triggers OCD. Is screen freezes resolved? Still adjusting UI and adjusting system settings atm. To be continued…

Edit: To disable secondary password screen lock when computer wakes up from blank screen goto C: > Windows > SystemApps > Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy and rename by adding characters you can remember to undo if you ever decide you want the screen lock again. I used cnet’s tip by adding “.bak” to end of file name. This will only remove the screen lock on 2ndary window lock from waking up from sleep, not the main login lock screen from fresh boot. Search “disable windows 10 lock screen cnet” for more.

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