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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 how to backup files from mobile phone to computer

September 5, 2016

Trying to backup Note 7 to PC was a small nightmare because I was told incorrect information; “you use kies to backup note 7” and I’m not looking hard enuff for the correct setting on my phone to get Kies to recognize my device… -___- You don’t use Kies or need to use a cloud service or buy a 3rd party software to create data backups.

There are 2 ways to backup and restore your smartphone.
1. Use cloud service like Samsung or Google which is accessible thru your phone settings.
2. Use a mobile device to PC software.

Focusing on mobile to PC route for Note 7. If you have an older Samsung phone use Kies because this software is replaced with Samsung Smart Switch for Note 7. Smart Switch mobile is preinstalled on Note 7.

To Backup your Note 7:

1. Download and install Samsung Smart Switch “for PC” from their official support site.
2. Open Smart Switch on computer.
3. Connect mobile device to computer using USB cable/power cable that came with your Note 7
4. Click Backup on the Smart Switch window on PC.
5. Check Note 7 and “Allow” Smartswitch to access files on your mobile device.
6. You’ll be notified when process is complete.
7. Unplug USB and go about your day.