Tera Online | Useful, Quality of Life Fixes


Notice: Any changes to gpk files must be restored to original for major patches or launcher will not patch.

1. FOV Fix (field of view, increase zoom out distance)

Goto Tera folder > client > s1game > config > open s1input.ini
Copypaste following s1input.ini file under bEnableMouseSmoothing=True exactly as is:

Bindings=(Name=”100″,Command=”fov 100 | setbind End 120″)
Bindings=(Name=”120″,Command=”fov 120 | setbind End 71″)
Bindings=(Name=”71″,Command=”fov 71 | setbind End 100″)

Press End key to cycle thru 3 different fov. 71 is default fov. Replace End key with any key you want.
Source: http://board.tera.gameforge.com/board2-tera-en/board58-general/board397-guides/207152-fov-changing-guide/

2. Disable/Enable Specific Sounds

Tera folder > client > s1game > config > open s1engine.ini
ctrl+F > engine.audiodevice
look for “groupname=character” > replace 1 with 0

Turns off character sounds like gathering cheer or emotes in-game.
Other options to disable: vehicle, damagevoice (turns off character combat screams).
Source: http://board.tera.gameforge.com/board2-tera-en/board687-en-forum-archive/165938-character-combat-voice-how-to-disable-solution-here/

3. Disable/Enable Hit Counter (new feature that keeps track of number of hits you do on target like street fighter)

Goto Tera folder > client > s1game > cookedPC > art_data > packages > s1ui > rename s1ui_combocounter.gpk

Disables useless hit number counter for cleaner UI.
Source: TeraToday forum post title “Tera possible to remove Hit counter” by niraxtc and answered by JasonLucas

4. Damage Numbers Too Big or Disable Damage Numbers

Goto Tera folder > client > s1game > cookedPC > art_data > packages > shaders > TextureFonts.gpk
Have two options:
a. Rename TextureFonts.gpk by adding characters to front of file name to remove floating dmg numbers (warning may also disable boss animations, ex. the firey orange glow around 1st boss in sshm for totems) or
b. Edit texturefonts.gpk file to make font smaller. Search following keywords “DMG counts downsizing teratoday”. It was a request by Kunibert and answered by Natedog1177. Download Nate’s altered gpk file in post #4. Rename original texturefont file and drop in new, altered gpk file.
Disables or reduces obscenely large dmg numbers so you can see what’s going on.

Source: TeraToday, Reddit

5. Disable Loading Screen

Goto TERA\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\Video
and make a new folder.
Name new folder something easy to remind you to move back files later.
Move all .bik files into new folder.
Now you don’t have press ESC every single time you log in.
Also, moving the intro bik files alleviates a known memory leak.
Move all .bik files back to original location before every update.

Source: Offical Tera forum, techdude01@TeraToday, Bernkastel’s Optimization Guide, Reddit

6. Disable Fan Art Winner Loading Screens

If you were blinded by this years fan art like many others, then apply this fix:
TERA\Client\S1Game\Config\S1Engine.ini > Find “DepthOfField” > Change from True to False.

Source: kaiasu@reddit

REMINDER: Launcher won’t update major patches if you forget to restore original files. If you forget, don’t panic. Close launcher, check task manager>processes tab to be sure tera completely closed, restore original files, and restart launcher. It will patch as normal.

Additional Reading: A Tera fan saved and republished techdude01’s guide here.

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