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Tera Online | Useful, Quality of Life Fixes

July 3, 2016

Notice: Any changes to gpk files must be restored to original for major patches or launcher will not patch.

1. FOV Fix (field of view, increase zoom out distance)

Goto Tera folder > client > s1game > config > open s1input.ini
Copypaste following s1input.ini file under bEnableMouseSmoothing=True exactly as is:

Bindings=(Name=”100″,Command=”fov 100 | setbind End 120″)
Bindings=(Name=”120″,Command=”fov 120 | setbind End 71″)
Bindings=(Name=”71″,Command=”fov 71 | setbind End 100″)

Press End key to cycle thru 3 different fov. 71 is default fov. Replace End key with any key you want.