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TERA Online comment found on EME forum

April 28, 2016

Lilbitt on 04/28/2016, 02:30 PM:

Well the last straw of TERA immersion HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!
Lets see how EME/BH sells out to product placement…might as well get GM to slap Camaro on the cars now since there styled camaro’s anyways, and might as well rename the HYDRATH costumes and HYDRA, I can hear TERA executives screaming ..GET MARVEL ON THE LINE!
When you start putting Real world products in a fictional world MMO, that world you go to now doesn’t exist might as well put billboards with TACO BELL, PEPSI, LIDS, PANDA EXPRESS and KY JELLY (since you sold out your player base who now has to take it up the rear for your lack of understanding) on every Building, Mob,and BAM.
I can see it now… your team finishes hard dungeon and your loot includes a $3.00 off pizza hut code!
WTF is wrong with you people?

TERA NA recently release Hello Kitty costumes in rng loot boxes.