Nice try Microsoft, Windows 10 still sucks


Win10 is a huge improvement over Win8 but Microsoft still wants to turn your desktop into a Smartphone complete with invasive product apps which is integrated into the OS so you can’t uninstall it, like the Xbox app. Some fool over at techrepublic said to unpin tiles in Start Menu if you don’t like it but forgot to mention your left with a HUGE empty space. If your like me, you want to maximize every square inch of your screen with a compact start menu. Minimalist don’t like clutter or wasted space. GTFO with the scrolling, legibility set for a blind elephant, and alphabetical list of apps in Start Menu I can’t edit. I was never a fan of Win8 setting menus and the “charms” feel which carried over to Win10. I suspect Microsoft will win over many Win8 haters with this version because it’s pretty and reminiscent of slick marketing for Apple products. In reality, Win10 doesn’t improve on Win7 in any meaningful way. I’ll leave it up to the benchmarks to figure out performance gains but what are the system improvements? Only see cosmetic improvements with customization headaches. Not all consumers ONLY facebook and play angry birds. Stop trying to turn my desktop into a tablet/smartphone, Microsoft.

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