You Are My Senpai [Vivii]
Lyrics (by ky-lan on Tumblr)
You are my Senpai
My only senpai
You give me dokis
And shades of grey
You’ll never notice me
But I still love you
You’re sugoi, kawaii desu ne

{Senpai is a mentor, senior, or superior in an academic, sports, or corporate setting. Doki is the sfx of a heart beating fast in manga. Sugoi = awesome. Kawaii = cute. Desu ne = “it is” and used as a polite way to end a phrase in Japanese.}

{Found this video looking for the original source of “Notice me senpai!” meme. No sauce but it most likely came about from the extreme character personalities in anime especially the Japanese senpai/kohai (senior/junior) dynamic. Typically the kohai will idolize the senpai to the point of rivaling manic fangirls. So you’d use the expression when your trying to get the attention of someone you admire. However, it’s become so ubiquitous now, people just use it when they’re trying to get anyone’s attention. Or watch this video if you still don’t understand.}

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