Paying retail price for an MMO is a scam


(Not hating on World of Warcraft. This is an opinion about the current business model used by MMO games that require retail purchase and subscription fee.)

I’m calling out MMO’s for retail pricing their “game” when it’s not really a conventional retail video game. Traditionally when you buy a video game, you get a working copy of game. You pay for it then download/install/insert it into whatever gaming device you own and you play it. That’s the traditional model; however, MMOs double dip and make you pay twice. You pay for a retail copy of a game you can’t play. For the privilege of playing you have to pay a subscription fee. That’s like buying Assassin’s Creed then paying a subscription to access and play the content.

People might say well it’s not the same thing; with an MMO and your paying for development, time, servers, and whatever bs. Exactly. It’s not the same and shouldn’t be priced the way it is. Still, others may say it’s the same but you’re paying the monthly fee for the neverending entertainment value and services. I maintain if you plop down $50-$60 for a game and you can’t play it w/o paying a subscription fee, then that’s not a [conventional] video game and therefore should not be priced as one. Paying the subscription fee should be enough and if it’s not then its up to the business to defray the costs. Making people pay retail price for an MMO and new content, like it’s a conventional video game, on top of a subscription fee, is just disgusting.

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