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Disney’s “Paperman” emotive like a Japanese anime

September 29, 2013
Trying to reach her with a paper airplane.

Trying to reach her with a paper airplane.

Japanese anime run the gamut of styles and themes but they also devote a lot of time into quiet stories that try to capture real emotions like “3 centimeters”. Japanese taste and sensibility is reflected in Miyazaki animations. He will often contrast something beautiful with something ugly such as a breathtaking landscape panoramic with warplanes destroying a city in the background (Howl’s Moving Castle). Some of the most dramatic moments is captured in silence, a technique under-utilized by western animation houses. Disney animations of today tend to pander the same stereotypes and boring visuals which was once amuck with fresh ideas during the early days of animation. Remember the one lump or two joke? What about punching a stack of wood causing it to rearrange into a house? You get a gold star if you remember the animation series that sported those visuals. (more…)

True -acoustic arrange- & drop

September 1, 2013

★Title: True -acoustic arrange- / KK & kacchan
★Singer: KK
★ニコ link:
★Music & Lyrics : yukkedoluce
★Guitar: kacchan mylist/21414261
★Illustration : kumao♀

★Title: 『drop』 歌ってみた リミット
★Singer: LIMIT
★ニコ link:

Edit 9-3-2013: moved Limit’s version of Hitorinbo Envy to under Hanatan’s version, here. See Melonotes channel/video description for full details on each song.