Wacom ripples and connecting dots troublesho​ot


Steps to remove Windows ripples and stop the connecting of separate pen marks especially when making rapid pen marks like circles, dots, and lines.

A. Get rid of those damn ripples

Source: Windows 7, here; Windows 8, here.
Highly recommend following the advice of poster “zeufparis” for windows 7.
Registry editor image source Wikipedia.
WTF is a detail pane, img or text.

Step 1: Start > Control Panel > Pen and Touch > Pen Options tab > select Press and Hold > click Settings > untick Enable Press and Hold for Right-Clicking.

Also, Flicks tab > untick “Use flicks to perform common actions…”

Same for Win 8.

Step 2: Next, open notepad (win key + r, type in notepad) and copypaste the following

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Save as penoff.reg (correctly saved file icon looks like a cyan rubics cube) > run it (double click file) > click yes to everything > restart computer.

To perform step 2 manually:

open regedit (win key + r, type in regedit) > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Policies > Microsoft > TabletPC > right-click “TabletPC” > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value > name it “TurnOffPenFeedback” > right click it, select Modify (or double-click it) > set “Value data” to 1 > hit Okay

For win 8:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Cursors\ContactVisualization

This means open regedit (win key + r, type in regedit) > navigate to Cursors > right click detail pane to create new DWORD > name it ContactVisualization > double click it, set value from 1 to “0” hexadecimal. And then

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Cursors\GestureVisualization

Which means, under Cursors > right-click detail pane > New > DWORD > name it “GestureVisualization” > double-click it > set value from 1f to “0” hexadecimal.

Set values to 1 and 1f respectively to enable ripples again.

B. Get rid of those damn connecting lines

Source: here. (reference to issue here and here) It disables Windows “Pen and Touch” feature not just the “Tablet PC Input Service”. Resets after reboot. Use the advice of poster “theechoinside” to make it semi-permanent or permanent.

Step 1: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services shortcut > scroll down Services window > right-click Tablet PC Input Service > select Stop from menu

Disbles Pen and Touch feature from Windows so Wacom software takes over completely. Re-enables feature on reboot.

Step 2 (optional): double-click Tablet PC Input Services > Startup type > Disable

Keeps feature turned off permanently on reboot.  Manual mode turns on feature when an app needs it which defeats the point.

Update 2013-06-04: Found disabling Windows “Tablet PC Input Services” resolved both issues listed above. See B (connecting lines troubleshoot).

Update 2014-05-10: Another way to access Services menu… right click task bar, select “Open Task Manager” > click Services tab > click “Services” button at bottom right.

Update 2014-08-20 Must turn off Windows pen flicks actions and tablet services to get rid of lag caused by Windows (see part A and B steps above) which effects any program using Wacom like Photoshop to Microsoft Paint. Program specific lag after using these fixes maybe hardware (RAM, hard drive speed, etc.) or settings related. Personal observation is the average computer needs more than the “recommended RAM” for high end software like Photoshop.

3 Responses to “Wacom ripples and connecting dots troublesho​ot”

  1. shaheen Says:

    THANK YOU! thank you! thanks a LOT! :D
    solutions to exactly the 2 frustrating problems i’d been facing ,very neatly compiled! too happy not to have those ridiculous ripples & irritating connecting dots! :D

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Christ you can’t even imagine. I’ve had this damn wacom tablet for like two years and I couldn’t for the life of me understand how anyone could draw on this garbage with the program constantly getting in your way. Kept me to pen and paper til now.
    Why must companies do this to us, if someone wanted all these fancy features they should go out of their way to install them, not force everyone to uninstall everything bad about it.

  3. anon Says:

    Mine still won’t go away :(
    I’ve tried everything – but when I draw on one particular flash program I still get the circles and lines D:<
    Please help!

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