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Wacom ripples and connecting dots troublesho‚Äčot

March 13, 2013

Steps to remove Windows ripples and stop the connecting of separate pen marks especially when making rapid pen marks like circles, dots, and lines.

A. Get rid of those damn ripples

Source: Windows 7, here; Windows 8, here.
Highly recommend following the advice of poster “zeufparis” for windows 7.
Registry editor image source Wikipedia.
WTF is a detail pane, img or text.

Step 1: Start > Control Panel > Pen and Touch > Pen Options tab > select Press and Hold > click Settings > untick Enable Press and Hold for Right-Clicking.

Also, Flicks tab > untick “Use flicks to perform common actions…”

Same for Win 8.

Step 2: Next, open notepad (win key + r, type in notepad) and copypaste the following

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Save as penoff.reg (correctly saved file icon looks like a cyan rubics cube) > run it (double click file) > click yes to everything > restart computer.

To perform step 2 manually: (more…)