Windows 8 Sucks, Downgrading Back to Windows 7


As a PC user, I want to be efficient with my mouse movement and clicks. Win8 has me moving and clicking all 4 corners of my screen, and in between, to perform simple tasks, e.g. with the mouse, it takes 2 clicks to shut down on Win7; it’s 3 clicks + extra navigation to the appropriate “charm”/icons to shut down on Win8. Another wasteful movement is closing apps. I have to click on the top off the app and drag it down to the bottom of the screen. The act of closing an app is not easy because it’s not a fluid action; I encounter resistance moving apps down.

All these fancy shmancy graphics, charms that slid out from the side, is an annoyance. I don’t want to wait for it to slide out and hate accidentally making it pop out too. Also, the charm sidebar is too fickle. It disappears if you’re not careful about keeping the mouse pointer close to the edge of the screen. It’s a toe-curling, annoying, repetitive action, having to go back to the corner and carefully navigate back to w/e charm. One of the most basic and fundamental rules of design is to keep important information together, not spread it out all over the place. Notice Win7 keeps it all together on the taskbar; the start button for w/e you need and your running apps visible on the desktop and taskbar.

Furthermore, I don’t like how the app I’m using currently disappears from sight when I open another app. It makes it annoying to keep track of what I have running. Again I have to put my mouse in a corner to see whats up. The worst one, Microsoft apps launch maximized, at full screen resolution. I don’t need IE at full 1920×1080 res. It’s an incredible waste of screen space. I tried using the side-by-side feature, placing IE metro and the desktop next to each other but it felt claustrophobic the way it divided the screen (there is a way to have IE only open on the desktop by shortcut or settings).

I want a true, static desktop mode. The reason’s are stated above. I don’t like how the desktop is treated like an app and I don’t like the new navigation features. I don’t mind the Start screen which is just a blown up version of the Start button for tablet users, but it seems overkill to take up my entire screen on a PC.

I don’t have any old computers to test Win8 on but TooManyComputers tried it. The post pretty much validates my suspicions. Windows 8 is just another Vista; it’s all looks. Just like the good old days when Vista was released, it’s full of compatibility issues and no video card drivers from the manufacturer. As of today, there’s still no Win8 driver for my Wacom tablet.

Funny thing is, Microsoft proudly shows off how useless Win8 is in the preview “Windows 8: See How It Works” @Microsoft under the spotlight section (@Youtube). Notice most of the users are socializing or using social media apps.

Follow the spotlight link you will see even more unproductive activities. Notice each user is only using one app at a time. Only the spread sheet guy is doing work on the computer but his multitasking is also limited to one app, 2 viewed concurrently at most.

Win8 feels like a contrived effort to blend the world of PCs and tablets when it glaringly skews in favor of tablets. Navigation, opening/closing apps, Start screen, down to the software (including desktop) turned into “apps”. Tablets have a flippant nature about it and Win8 is forcing PC users to accept it too. I bought my PC for productivity and efficiency; I didn’t buy it to dick around on. I protest by downgrading back to Windows 7.

tl;dr – Windows 8 functionality caters to tablet users; alienates PC users.

2012-12-21 update: So it’s the end of the year, has Win 8 improved? Nope still same interface and you’ll still find PC Games that are not Windows 8 compatible. Devs being lazy or are they making a statement? Industry is pushing touchscreen on laptops and desktop monitors to compliment Windows 8. It definitely has the kewl factor but the feature is a novelty b/c, like the new O/S, it doesn’t add to productivity or efficiency. Also, I don’t want fingerprints all over my monitor screen. I’ve noticed Win 8 supporters promoting Win key + X as a Start button replacement. Thanks for the new keyboard shortcut but Win 8 still sucks. ಠ_ಠ

2013-01-09 update: Wacom tablet user help to remove primary and secondary ripple animation (cause of lag) in Windows 8 here. Yesterday, I had to compare scans on someone’s Win 8 machine. Unlike Win 7’s image viewer that lets you open multiple images to view and compare side by side, Win 8’s new image viewer opens single images at max screen and doesn’t let you open/view multiple images. There’s also wasted actions getting back to the desktop and switching between images. Win 8 also comes with a free pdf reader. Same story there. The quickest fix for the pdf was installing Adobe Reader. Adobe software is bloated but it’s a reliable professional product. It keeps you in desktop mode and you can open as many pdfs as needed.

2013-03-15 update: Anon posted link for those who also hate Metro photo viewer. Windows key > search bar type Default Programs, press enter > click Set your default programs > scroll through list, select Windows Photo Viewer > click Set this program as default.

4 Responses to “Windows 8 Sucks, Downgrading Back to Windows 7”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Samsung puts the start menu back into Windows 8

  2. Tom Says:

    I did the same as you. I upgraded to Windows 8 for $40. I was initially excited about the new o/s. After about 3 weeks though I was tired of all of the navigation and searching for the applications. I restored my PC to Windows 7 and am staying there until Windows desktop is restored. I am also advising people not to upgrade to WIN8.

    I can see the point of having the GUI on a tablet but in no way does it belong on a desktop computer. You’d think that MS would get that!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ms should get rid of the person that made this software it may be okay on phone but not on a desktop wish I had read reviews before installing this junk every time you move around you need to put in password it took 2 weeks to figure out how to use reader it is tied up with java no help from ms on this DO NOT INSTALL THIS PRODUCT ON A DESK TOP to go back I guess I will now have to get windows 7 desk as my system came preinstalled ANOTHER MS MONEY MAKER

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I want my Windows Photo Viewer back!

    This is how you get back the Windows Photo Viewer from Windows 7 in Windows 8.

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