Xbox 360 Controller, A Painful Review


I bought a 360 controller b/c the games I want to play on my PC is preconfigured for the 360 game controller.  It’s USB so I plugged it in, win7 recognized it, and it worked.  A problem I encountered was when I tested it on pc with a non eng win7.  The controller wasn’t recognized.

I chose the wired controller b/c I don’t want to deal with recharging/replacing batteries.  From my experience, batteries just aren’t for gaming.  It doesn’t last and tend to die on you when you’re at a critical moment, like a boss fight.  What’s the point of getting a wireless controller if I have to keep the usb charger permanently plugged in?

The size is fine.  If I had to nitpick, it could stand to slim down, be more compact.  I’ve never used the original version but version 2 is still big compared to the ps 3 controller and I could feel signs of hand stress (pain at pressure points) with extended gameplay.

The analog stick is too high and the concave buttontop isn’t ergonomic for the thumb.  The thumb naturally wants to be closer to the gamepad but the stick height forces it up.  The height also makes it awkward to move the stick so I ended up just pushing the edges with my thumb and it eventually felt like it was digging into the thumb.  The concave feature is a good idea in planning but, in use, it starts feeling like sandpaper after repeatedly moving thumb over it b/c the surface isn’t soft and has brail like directional dots in the recessed surface.

The triggers have too much resistance.

Pro:  Plug n’ play USB wired, pc compatible, sturdy construction, generous cable length (9ft).

Con:  Stick height and surface, trigger resistance.

9-1-2011 Edit: The disk pad is VERY inaccurate. One game I play has items assocated with each cardinal direction but the disk pad will recognize something other than pressed. Apparently this was a known issue and addressed in the new X-Box “Controller with Transforming D-Pad”.

Minor issue that indirectly affects the controller is PC games (which didn’t originate from consoles) seem to have game controller function haphazardly coded in. Had to switch back to ASDW+mouse because movement (strafing properly) and precision (aiming) was terrible.

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