Edit Test


GIMP editing software test w/ tablet.

Original panel from Ch 11

Try 1.

*Try 2*

Try 3

Tested GIMP to turn an image into a sample wallpaper. Difficult first try b/c the image was set to the wrong mode. (ΘεΘ;)

Pro: Compared to Photoshop, the features are pared down and simplifed. Improved on some features like canvas size. I like the way the thumbnail can be repositioned to indicate which way to grow the canvas. The crop tool, Selection Tool, and Paths have huge handle bars so its easier to size images. Good for basic editing.

Con: It’s not intuitive to use and feels clunky. It’s unstable and crashed on my 2nd try at editing the panel. Tools randomly glitched and stopped functioning.  I’m not used to the interface so tools feel out of place or work differently than expected.  Ex. Transform tool in Gimp only rotates or flips the canvas.  Wanted to remap the keyboard shortcuts b/c it didn’t make sense.

Image copyright Kazue Kato, Ao no Exorcist.


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