Ao no Exorcist | Offical and Fanart Images


Blue Exorcist images.

Ao no Exorcist and Black Rock Shooter

Collection of fanart maintained by j65p5p

Rin cover art

AoE fan club scans maintained by MangaHelpers.

AnE Ch 15 Title page

Various scans by fans at AnimePaper.  Signups blow desu.

roflmao Hairpin joke

Fanart collection at Matome @Naver: 1, 2, 3.

Amaimon @Pixiv

Majority of fanart is from Pixiv then reposted by lurkers at various imageboards like Zerochan.
Pixiv sign up tut by Teruchan.  ****Sign up available in english now.

Images copyright to its respective owner(s).  Ao no Exorcist by Kazue Kato.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    kawaii n__n

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