Ao no Exorcist | 09


おもひで | Omoide | “Memories”

Face punt curtesy Faust.

Translators are having a hard time with the Secondary rank from page. Exwire or Esquire? I’m leaning toward Esquire b/c it makes more sense. It originates from the word Squire (an apprentice or assistant to a knight). Today, it denotes an intermediate status in an organization.

Heroine awakes.

The quality of animation is striking this episode. The series is high quality to begin with but certain aspects stand out. The detailed background in the hospital ward for one. They actually showed the bounce of the bed when Rin sat down. The angle of Shiemi in the bed as she wakes up is money too.

Thank you, Shiemi.

Very well rendered background and characters with layers and blurring to show perspective/depth in the one room. And the body movements! Natural movement is typically reserved for high-end animated moves. Observe Neuhaus’s realistic walk sequences and the way he turns. Same with Yukio’s walk sequences. You’ll also notice it when Rin gets back up after holy water is thrown on him and the way he pulls down his shirt over his healing wound. They really spent $$$ on this one or the animation house picked up some damn skilled animators.


The backstory on how Yukio and Shiemi met is a nice touch.  For one, it shows Yukio wasn’t always a stoic beast.  Once upon a time he had emotions. And two, he likes her! She’s had a crush on him since forever but it turns out it’s mutual. He doesn’t show it though b/c he’s too reserved. One of the drawbacks of being mature for his age. He assumed responsibilities way too early. It’d be sad if he doesn’t act on his feeling because it’d get in the way of looking after Rin.  I don’t know if everyone got the joke with the nickname bit.  Basically she completely skipped formalities and went straight to first name basis with Yukio (Sensei to Yuki). Not only that she gives him a cutesy nickname; “Yuki” with the suffix “chan” which is usually reserved for a small child (they’re the same age), girls, or pets.

Honnin wa... omae da!

Neuhaus attempted murder with an architectural compass, lol. It’s friggin’ huge! I’m surprised he didn’t use a protractor to make sure the angle of decent was correct.  Make the math teacher proud, u noe.

Holy spritzer, batman!

I actually like the guy. He’s badass. It’s the eyepatch and his reckless way of using blood to summon familiars.

Revenge desu.

I’m disappointed this is his last role and that it’s over so quickly. He needs more screen time dammit.

/End shameless Neuhaus fan club promotion.

His tragic past, Satan using his body to kill his family, resembles Izumo’s flashback. Could it be the woman in her memory was also possessed by a demon and killed her family?

Resolve to protect.

There’s a kind of melancholy when Yukio says, “He’s always doing stuff I can’t.” It’s because no matter how hard he tries, Rin seems to outshine his best efforts.  He failed to persuade Shiemi to become an exorcist but after she see’s the extent of Rin’s wounds (and makes an amusing fuss over it) it prompts her to seriously pursue exorcist studies. “I’m no match after all.”

Brothers and rivals.

When he concedes defeat, it seems like he’s also giving up on Shiemi.  (╬ ಠ益ಠ) Damn dude, did you even fight for her??? If only he knew Rin felt the same way; he wants to be more like Yuki and less like a screwup.

Pages pass Esquire exam! w00t

Neuhaus didn’t go rogue, it was definitely all orchestrated by Faust as verified in his phone call to Amaimon, “Neuhaus did as I instructed but apparently it was too much for him.” The demented guy is trying to awaken something in Rin. “Father and Brother are so obsessed with Okumura Rin.  I wonder how strong he is…” wonders Amaiymon.  At first I thought it was a power struggle between father and son but now I think it’s just Faust trying to stir up trouble for everyone which is more inline with his personality.  Now it’d be really twisted if Rin’s birth was part of a bet between them.

No okonomiyaki (pancakes) fo' scheming devils!


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