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HSD Kenichi | What Happens After the TV Animation Ends Spoilers

2007-07-27, 18:10
So, Freya also join Shinpaku ? Okay ,it is confusing: is Sho in the level of Liu/Odin/Kenichi or the level of masters ? What is Kensei’s status in OMNI then ?

2007-07-29, 12:57

Yes, Freya is with Shinpaku.

is Sho in the level of Liu/Odin/Kenichi or the level of masters ?
First of all, I’ll explain to you what is a YOMI actually. YOMI is an organization that is consists of Yami member’s disciples only. And Kano Sho is the leader of that organization. Besides him, there are 8 other high-ranking members in the organization, where are all of them is the disciple of the Ichiei Kyuken masters. The other known high-ranking YOMI members at the moment is Ryuto aka Odin, Boris, Raden, Castor & Pollux.
Sho is extremely strong, even tho he is not a Master level.

What is Kensei’s status in OMNI then ?
Ogata-chan (that is what the Elder called him ) aka Kensei is with the Yami organization. He is one of the Ichiei Kyuken (9 Fists of One Shadow; strongest fighters in the Yami organization, *Furinji Saiga is said to be the strongest of all the Yami members ).

2007-07-29, 19:31
I take it that furinji saiga is miu’s father.

2007-07-30, 00:14
in chapter 249, what was Miu smiling about right after Sho beat Kenichi into the ground at first?

2007-07-30, 11:10

After beating Kenichi off the stage, Sho was telling Miu that everything he did is for her sake, and he said that he will be the one who is going to protect her. It ended up with Sho saying that he love her.
But Miu with a smile on her face, apologized to Sho and telling him that there is another person that has already made a promise to protect her.

2007-07-30, 14:39
who was the guy that Sakaki and that girl were attacking? I’m guessing Furiniji Saiga if it wasn’t a robot but i figured I’d better ask.

2007-07-30, 23:21
Not much of info of that person, Fortuna, for the time being. If I’m not mistaken he is the sponsor for this D of D tournament. That girl, Jennifer Gray or you can call her as Jenny (just like Sakaki called her), wanted to take revenge on him.

oni no kirin
2007-08-04, 12:03
In Battle 168 Vol.19, who is that long haired guy ? (the one who looked like he just came from some intense training )

2007-08-04, 12:15
That’s Tsuji Shinosuke. You might remember him from way back in Vol. 4, Battles 32-35, when he first fought Kenichi while Miu and Master Ba looked on.

majin vegeta
2007-08-14, 10:57
I am not sure if that is necessarily true. I was under the impression that Shigure’s father was a master class fighter. Even though Shigure’s dad was already dying, Akisame won the fight.

2007-08-14, 15:43
True… I was forgetting that fight, but on the one hand Akisame didn’t want to win that fight (or, at least, certainly didn’t want to kill Shigure’s father), and on the other hand, Akisame may not yet have been master class… didn’t he still have a master at that point?

majin vegeta
2007-08-15, 19:38
Just because you become Master class does not mean that you still don’t have a master. You can surpass your master, but you still give him the respect that is his due. Your Master is your master for life.

majin vegeta
2007-08-20, 22:48
Would anyone mind giving an update on the most current chapter?

2007-08-23, 22:21
i believe its about the conclusion to the fight between Kenichi and Kou(or whatever that guy ‘s name who confessed to Miu but got rejected (Owned)) and the Shinpaku’s escape from the island with Shigure’s help but they are stopped by one of the fists( the host for the DoD tournament i believe). Sorry i don’t know much more details.

2007-08-28, 20:11
why miu “attacked” kenichi in chapter 144?

2007-08-29, 00:07
She attacked him to prove a point basically she said that had her target been Hermit then hermit would have easily dodged it. she said that Kenichi can dodge the attack but kenichi is not cautious enough and since now that things are getting serious and kenichi’ life is in constant danger he should be much more cautious and ready to react in a instant like hermit(she doesn’t actually tell him he is in danger she just told him to be more cautious from now on.). At this point Kenichi is not aware that his life is in danger. Miu knows because she over heard the conversation between the masters that YOMI might be targeting kenichi, so she is trying to get kenichi to toughen up and more prepared by attacking him to show how vulnerable he is right know.

2007-08-30, 08:41
what is yomi, a new organisation? can you please explain

2007-08-30, 08:51
YOMI (always capitalized, but if it’s an acronym, it hasn’t been explained) is an organization made up of the leading disciples of the members of 闇(Yami, darkness), an international group of martial artists seeking power for its own sake. Ryuuto/Odin, as the personal disciple of Yami member 拳聖(Kensei), is a member of YOMI; the other Ragnarok fists were not. After the defeat of Ragnarok, the attention of Yami and YOMI is attracted to Kenichi, and they try to recruit him and Miu into the ranks of YOMI – in fact this has already started in the anime, where Kensei tried to take on Kenichi as his disciple during the mountain retreat training.

2007-08-30, 18:50
Has Kenichi or Miu considered it at all(joining)?

2007-08-30, 19:38
Miu has been flirting around with Shou, one of the YOMI members, because he’s offering something she wants… knowledge of her father. Kenichi hasn’t seriously considered joining YOMI since leaving Kensei standing in the woods to return to training with the Eldest.

2007-08-31, 01:00
In recent chapters Miu flatly refused Shou’s offers to join YOMI. And Kenichi is of course dead set against YOMI namely Shou(the two seriously hate each other).

2007-08-31, 16:21
Well that’s because they both want Miu

Has it been stated yet why Ryuuto is in the wheelchair and why he looks so different?

2007-09-07, 13:46
Nothing I’ve read in any of Ryuuto’s appearances at the DoD tournament says anything about why he’s in the wheelchair, nor why his eye or hair have changed. We can speculate that it is due to his fight with Kenichi, but we don’t know yet.

Owaranai Destiny
2007-09-07, 21:19
I believe it is clear that it was the explosive fight with Kenichi during the waning ages of his Ragnarok gang that caused him to end up in a wheelchair. The manga had stated that he had used two different types of ‘ki’ in order to beat Kenichi, just as Kensei had taught him before. However, in doing so his body systems began to collapse and fail.



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