Prevalence of Cheesy Thumbs Up Gesture In Anime


Maybe it’s actually an abilty. The secret behind Endou’s blinding charisma is GOD THUMB!  Endou activates it using the thumbs up gesture.

It has the power to defuse hostility and charm anyone within a hundred meters.   Success rate is 100% and cannot be dodged.  Activating God Thumb also makes targets deliriously happy like the Brazilian captain in E114 who mirrors Endou’s thumbs up in thanks.

Much to my irritation, the thumbs up is used so frequently in anime, I find myself noticing minute, irrelevant details. Such as the shape of the thumb, angle, and timing/enthusiasm (style and gusto) of brandishing a thumbs up. So the Brilizan thumbs up looks phallic and Endou’s looks eeriely similar to a real life reference to Bill Clinton’s “half thumbs up”.

Clinton Thumb

It was a modified thumbs up to create emphasis in a nonthreatening manner yet subliminally convey strong optimism.  It neutered the public’s eyes instead.  If your going to use the thumbs up for emphasis then do it with flair imo.

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