Overlooked Anime | Inazuma Eleven


Inazuma Eleven recently ended and it’s sequel is already airing.  Its like Eyeshield 21 and Pokemon rolled together.

Endou aims for Football (Soccer) Frontier.

A middle school soccer goalie dreams of going to the championships with his ragtag team.  It follows the underdog vs topdog formula.

Shūya Gōenji punishes the delinquents.

Inazuma Eleven is shounen sports anime based on a video game.  Characters are middle school students who display ninja skills and flashy special powers.  The anime breaks up the monotony of a soccer matches by throwing in bizzare settings and weird yet intriging plot twists.

Endou masters GOD HAND.

A goal denied.

I have to remind myself they’re only in middle school constantly.


If you think back to you favorite anime there’s always one scene that grabbed your attention.  For me, it was watching Gouenji kick up the soccer to execute his finishing move for the first time.

Foreign language?

No! Appalling handwriting!

Unlike Pokemon, Inazuma Eleven is sparse on humor and focuses on action.

Keikoku Academy Soccer Team

There is nonstop, run-on action starting from E01.  Anime like Bleach devote a single breather episode after an intense story arc before moving on.  There is none here.  They defeat one adversary and move right along to the next one.

Natsumi Raimon the school Chairman's daughter.

Characters are like 30yr old children.  They’re exceedingly mature for their age but lack adult wisdom.  They’re often the victims of an adult’s agenda.

Grandfather's secret soccer manuals.

Theres a lot of lessons mixed in with action to keep the attention of young viewers.  For older viewers, it’s entertaining to watch these man-kids running around using power moves like adults.

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