Ao no Exorcist | 06


まぼろしの料理人 | Maboroshi no Ryourinin | “The Phantom Cook”

The lesson the twins learn today is food is srs bsns.

An anime featuring high school students isn't complete without the iconic school lunch stampede. They're not racing to the lunch lines however. They're in intense competition to jockey for key positions to grab popular but limited items like lunch breads, deserts, and pastries. Btw, lunch breads in asia is the equivalent to sandwiches in the States. Its filled with various tasty ingredients (noodles, meat, veggies, etc.) and cheap to boot.

If you thought Rin was grabbing a hotdog, look again. Only Bon would put his descendants on the line for this bread. "Grudges about food can go on for seven generations!"

Yuki's the kind of guy who likes to avoid conflict. It got him into a fight with Rin in E03 and he's about to start another fight by worming out of eating the bento boxes. If he's a man, he'd eat it all.

The boys try to negotiate with Faust to lower the cost of cafeteria food so they can survive lunch. Faust refuses and teaches the boys the meaning of "Do as I say, not as I do."

Yuki coolly calculates a way to feed Rin, save money, and get out of eating fangirl bentos: Rin will cook lunch. I finally have to mention the glare on the glasses. It's not a new technique but the animators step it up and use it in a very striking manner for this anime. It was really noticeable in E03. Depending on the type of glare, it conveys a surprisingly wide range of emotions/moods both sharp and subtle. Most anime try to minimize the frames and glare but here the frame and glare is bold part of Yuki's personality.

Yuki's plan backfires when Faust's familiar, Ukobach, stops cooking breakfast and dinner for the boys after Rin uses the kitchen. I bet there was a sudden dramatic dip in masculinity worldwide when the invisible chef finally appeared. The demon is in essence drawn as described by Plancy except it's purple instead of red. Japan's ability to kawaii-ify anything is fearsome indeed. Properly merchandised Ukobach could be the next Tickle-Me-Elmo.

We have a name for this. It's called stalking. Actually these girls are breaking all kinds of laws. A list of hypothetical charges: breaking and entering, disturbance, malicious mischief, and destruction of property. It's also past their curfew if True Cross has one.

Refusing food is shameful when so much love went into creating it. OK but transversely it's cruel to force a person into obesity to satiate someones perverse sense of love. Ah, I can't believe I didn't realize earlier. Rin's VA = Nizuma Eiji, Bakuman. Nobuhiko Okamoto had parts in a number of decent anime. I'll have to research his parts later to see how much his style changed.

Strangely, I learned many useless facts about Faust this episode. He's a terrible cook, Taisuke collector, decorates with cute accessories, and his favorite color is pink.

Overall, the episode was entertaining even if was a random filler.


Ukobach is a lesser demon who keeps the flames of hell burning. It’s also associated with cooking. In de Plancy first documented the demon in his book Dictionnaire Inferal (1818).  It’s commonly depicted as a small red demon with large eyes and ears, holding a pan of coals.

Taisuke Itagaki was a public figure who pushed for people’s rights in Japan during the 19th century.  His portrait is featured on 50 & 100 yen bills.  Faust’s current hobby is collecting anything associated with Taisuke.


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