Ao no Exorcist | 05


祟り寺の子 | Tatari tera no ko | “Child of the Cursed Temple”

Rin bonds with Suguro "Bon" Ryuji voiced by none other than Nakai Kazuya (Zoro, One Piece) an accomplished VA who has a panache for bad boy characters especially ones that sound gangsta (Mugen, Samurai Champloo).

A dramatic development in the story! Shiemi and Rin decide to defy convention and become friends then act like acquaintances then awkwardly become friends again. Such is the way of brilliant minds. Their way of thinking surpasses all logic.

Bon is a clever plot device used to introduce Blue Night, help evolve Rin's character, and provide endless comedic relief. Because of him, Rin strives to improve himself. He moves away from the stereotypical hot-headed hero who rushes into battle and takes school more seriously. Bon aslo serves to constantly remind Rin he can't behave recklessly anymore. The consequence of making his demonic heritage known would bring disaster to the school and harm to the humans around him.

The anime doesn't take itself seriously and is unabashed at making fun of the shouen genre.

So it was Satan who vaporized the priests in E01 but the anime doesn't offer up the reason behind it. The obvious connection is Rin. The event took place 16 yrs ago and Rin is 15 yrs old. I think the priests were sacrifices to create Rin or Satan was actually about to enter Assiah back then.

The image is like the story "The Lady or the Tiger". If you think Yukio is pointing the gun at the Leaper then you believe he's the good guy and would never harm his twin brother. Hopelessly romantic and optimistic, you live in Disney vision where people are inherently good. If you think Yuki is pointing the gun at Rin, then you think Yuki is a cold-hearted bastard. You believe people are baby eating, two-faced liars and are inherently evil.

"Ring, Ring!" "H-h-hello?" - Charlie the Unicorn. A mysterious call to Faust? The Order? Will Yuki really betray Rin? I don't think Yuki would ever hurt his brother. It's just a red herring. He does have motivation to pull the trigger (see E03) but that would go against Fujimoto's will. He sacrificed his life to save Rin after all. Even if Yuki is a part of some intrigue surrounding his brother, he's doing it to help him.

There wasn't much doubt Faust was a demon but it's surprising to see he actively communicates with Gehenna. Between Yuki and Faust, the later seems more likely to betray Rin but I think this is also a red herring. We have to remember Fujimoto considered Faust a trusted friend. To think he'd use Rin as a pawn to take over the world or whatever mad scheme is to doubt Fujimoto's ability to protect his adopted son. There's a lot riding on the late priest's credibility but he's depicted as the most exemplary man through his own actions and by Yuki's own words.

It's hard to tell if Rin is indeed Faust and Amaimon's little brother or if they're loosely using the term "sibling" to include any demon. If Rin is directly related to Faust then that means he's Satan's oldest son. If we go with the anti-christ theory then only one son is needed but here we have three. What's going on? The simple answer is Rin is training to defeat Satan and Faust is helping him. It's just another story about a dysfunctional family.

Other bloggers point out microscopic deficiencies from character design to plot elements. Being that picky can only mean one thing. The anime isn't living up to the hype for them. Yes, it is diappointing the katana doesn't get much action but I don't mind it so much because the episode was hilarious. 5/5 in humor. I never got bored watching Rin and Bon butt heads.

People need to chill and enjoy the light side of the show while it lasts. He's not going to stay a failure of a student forever. The focus on school life looks pointless but the end of the episode is a reminder the plot is still on target.


Book of Genesis is the first book of the Torah and Old Testament.  It describes Creation then documents the origin of the Children of Israel and their enslavement by Egypt.

Book of Exodus is the second book of the Torah and Old Testament.  It documents the Israelites liberation (exodus) from Egypt, receiving the commandments, and building of a temple for their God on the land they settled (Canaan).

Book of Leviticus is the third book in the Torah and Old Testament.  It is a set of laws and rituals for priests and congregation.

Amaimon or Amaymon is a Prince of Hell according to european grimoire.  The name is possibly derived from an Egyptian god.

William of Auvergne was a bishop during the medieval ages.  His greatest contribution was philosophical works based on Greek, Islamic, and Jewish philosophy and metaphysics.  He helped advance reason in this less enlightened era. (sauce)

Grimoire is a book of magic (collection of spells, incantations, etc.).

Key of Solomon is a famous grimoire based on the Testament of Solomon (fictional work detailing how King Solomon bound demons to build the Temple for god).  It claims to be written by King Solomon and contains instructions on magic (controlling demons/spirits, misc spells, dress, materials, etc.).  Interestingly enough, people who use the grimoire are called exorcist. The real inspiration behind the manga turned anime? Perhaps.


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