Ao no Exorcist | Characters


Spoilers ahead.*

Blue Exorcist Cast

By order of appearance.

Unknown Priest

Random Bishop
First appearance: E01
Possessed by Satan during an attack called Blue Night.


奥村 燐 Okumura Rin
First appearance:  E01
Rin had a difficult childhood because he didn’t fit in and was labeled a troublemaker.  He grows up into a rebellious 15 yr old boy who gets into fights and has a hard time holding down a job.  This is due to his unnatural strength and social awkwardness.  His situation is complicated by his sudden ability to see demons and summon blue flames.  He’s made aware of his demonic nature in an encounter with the demon, Asteroth.  He’s rescued by Fujimoto who confirms he’s the son of Satan, a demon from a parallel world called Gehenna.  Rin is given the katana, Kirakara, that seals his demonic powers, and is told to keep it sealed else he’ll lose his human form forever.  Satan possessed Fujimoto, when he temporarily lost resolve in his heart, and opens the Gate of Gehenna to drag Rin back with him.  Fujimoto kills himself to save Rin and in anger Rin unseals the sword to close the Gate.  Most of his demonic features tone down once he sheaths his sword but he retains fangs, pointed ears, and tail.  Fujimoto’s friend, Mephisto Pheles aka Faust, was instructed to kill Rin but he decides to enroll him in True Cross Academy so he can pursue his desire to become an exorcist. He later learns Fujimoto was the only “Paladin” in the True Cross Order, a rank given to the strongest exorcist. He convinces the Vatican’s inspector, Shura, he’s not a threat to the Order, and swears he’ll succeed Fujimoto as a Paladin. He’s given a wooden sword by her, who Fujimoto secretly asked to train Rin swordsmanship. He must master it to earn back Kurikara from her safekeeping.


First Appearance:  E01
Bully who was killing pigeons in the park for fun.  Rin gives him a sound punch in the face for being cruel.  Rin to lost his job because he didn’t go back to work after the fight.  He’s later possessed by Asteroth who was looking for Satan’s son.

Lackey 1

Shiratori Lackey 1
First appearance:  E01
He was at the park helping Shiratori shoot down pigeons.  When Shiratori has temporary amnesia, he tries to recover the 500 yen he lent him for food.

Lackey 2

Shiratori Lackey 2
First appearance:  E01
He was at the park helping Shiratori shoot down pigeons.  He tries to recover the doctor’s fee to treat Shiratori’s face when the latter developes temporary amnesia.


藤本 獅郎 Fujimoto Shiro
First appearance:  E01
Adoptive father of Rin and Yukio.  He’s a little perverted and acts downright silly at times but he’s devoted to his sons.  He protected and raised Rin so he could live a normal life.  He personally trained Yukio in Exorcism to protect himself from demons and fulfill his wish to help Rin.  He carried around a cellphone with a single phone number.  He’s a formidable exorcist and well versed in firearms.  When Satan possesses his body to take Rin back to Gehenna, Fujimoto stabs himself  in the chest with his amulet to save Rin. Only known Paladin in the history of True Cross Order.


奥村 雪男 Okumura Yukio
First appearance:  E01
15yrs old. Rin’s fraternal twin.  His childhood dream was to be a doctor.  He gained his Spirit Wound from Rin and has been able to see demons since birth.  He studied Exorcism under Fujimoto since the age 7 and finish is training two years prior to attending True Cross Academy.  He’s a genius Anti-Demon Pharmacologist and the youngest to receive a exorcist certificate, fulfilling his childhood dream.  He’s the freshman student body representative due to scoring the highest on the entrance exam and is a teacher in the cram school for exorcist training upon entering the academy.


First Appearance:  E01
Shows Rin a help wanted poster from Southern Cross Mall.  He and Izumi got Rin an interview for the part-time job.  He also prepared a map and CV (a type of resume) for him.  His exorcist ability is breathing a cleansing fire.


First Appearance:  E01
He made sure Rin got an interview at Southern Cross Mall.  Lends Rin dress shoes to wear with the borrowed suit.  Cleanses the demon mushrooms from Kyodo during the battle with Asteroth.  Fujimoto instructs him and Kyodo are to draw the Seal of Tetramorph on Shiratori and purify his body.


First Appearance:  E01
He loans Rin a suit to wear to the part-time job interview at Southern Cross Mall.  He’s an exorcist and keeps his right hand covered in bandages to hide a magical diagram.  It increases his strength when invoked.  He draws the Seal of Tetramorph on Shiratori with Izumi to purify his body.


First Appearance:  E01
Appears to be Fujimoto’s assistant.  Informed him Yui and her mother was at the church.  He later updates Fujimoto about the preparations done to battle the demons after Rin.  Throws holy water on Asteroth.  His ability is to summon a familiar called Moorkin.  He must draw a magical circle on the floor and use his blood for the incantation then invoke the Guardian of Fertility.


The Necktie
First Appearance:  E01
Rin borrowed a suit to wear to an interview but he doesn’t know how to wear a necktie.  He almost strangles himself trying to figure it out.  Fujimoto makes fun of him and shows him how to tie it properly.


Kurikara, Demon Slayer Blade aka Koumaken
First Appearance:  E01
Rin’s demonic power was sealed by the holy katana.  He’s warned by Fujimoto he’ll never be human again if the sword is ever unsealed.  He decides to accept the consequences and and use Kurikara to close the Gehenna Gate.


First Appearance:  E01
A hobgoblin is harassing her.  No one believes her except Rin who got fired for breaking things while chasing it around.  Fujimoto gives her a four-leaf clover to protect her from it.

Yui's mom

Yui’s Mother
First Appearance:  E01
Came earlier in the day to consult Fujimoto about her daughter.  Though what they discussed isn’t shown, but it’s obvious she’s worried about her daughter.


First appearance:  E01
A mischievous demon.  One harasses a little girl (Yui) but her parents don’t believe her.  They are used by the True Cross cram school to purposely give Spirit Wounds to students training to be exorcist.  They are drawn to rotten blood.

Yui's dad

Yui’s Father
First Appearance:  E01
He goes to the church in the evening to thank Rin for saving his daughter.  He thinks she lies and doesn’t believe her stories about bad spirits.  Rin chastises him for not supporting her.


Four Leaf Clover
First appearance:  E01
Given to Yui by Fujimoto to keep away demons (hobgoblin).

Grocery store boss

Grocery Store Owner
First appearance:  E01
Ability:  Scary lens flare
A stingy store owner of Southern Cross Mall grocery store.  She gives Rin a job to do odd jobs around the store.  He fails every task she gives him but wins her over with his cooking ability.  She promptly fires him when he causes mayhem chasing after a hobgoblin.


Kind Co-worker 1
First Appearance:  E01
Black haired woman who empathizes Rin’s harsh treatment by the boss.  She has a hard time selling a bad tasting product purchased by the shrewd grocery store owner. Rin helps her out and turns it into a delicious dish that causes a selling uproar.

Coworker 2

Co-worker 2
First Appearance:  E01
Shocked by Rin’s strength.

Coal Tar

Coal tar
First appearance:  E01
Lesser demon’s that possess dust particles.  Congregates in dark places and around evil.


First Appearance:  E01
A demon who possesses Shiratori.  He was looking for the son of Satan.

Lackey 3

Shiratori Lacky 3
First appearance:  E01
He wasn’t at the park but shows up later with Shiratori to bully Rin.  He bought a Magical Poemy body pillow for Shiratori.  He tries to collect the money from Shiratori when the later has temporary amnesia.


First appearance:  E02
Low level demons that possess the dead such as dead dogs that surrounded Rin and Fujimoto on the rooftop of a building.

Holy Bomb

Holy Water Bomb
First appearance:  E02
Grenade filled with holy water.  Fujimoto used one to dispel demons possessing dead dogs (ghouls).

Demon Mushroom

Demon Mushrooms
First appearance: E02
Spew noxious black smoke.  Asteroth uses the smoke to cover Kyodo with mushrooms and incapacitate him.


First Appearance:  E02
Nagatomo’s familiar.  It looks like Turnip Head (the scarecrow) from Spirited Away.  Homage to Miyazaki?


メフィスト・フェレス Mephisto Pheles aka Faust
First appearance:  E02
The owner of the single phone number in Fujimoto’s phone.  The late priest’s trusted friend.  He’s an exorcist and member of  the True Cross Order.  He was instructed to kill Rin but he decides to enroll him in the True Cross Academy instead.  It’s a prestigious school where he is the principal.  He looks like a dandy and can polymorph into a dog.  He is a demon from Gehenna and receives intel from the other dimension through his brother, Amaimon.  He’s the culprit behind Neuhaus’s attack on the students at training camp.  He was also the one who instigated the near murder of Rin in E09.  He later reveals his hidden agenda to the Order during a trial hearing.  His only interest is testing Rin and drawing out his little brothers powers as a weapon against Satan.

Exorcist Assassins

The Masked Exorcists
First appearance:  E02
They are an elite force sent by the Vatican to kill Rin.  The order is negated by Faust.

Exorcist Keys

First appearance: E01
Special keys are needed access to certain parts of the True Cross Academy which is designed as a maze. Sort of status symbol. A general purpose key to access Academy cram classes are given to all Pages in training to become exorcist. They are given keys to access more restricted areas as they attain higher ranks.


杜山 しえみ Moriyama Shiemi
First appearance:  E04
She’s terrified of demons and initial but correctly thought Rin was a demon when he set off the ward around the garden gates.  She’s on first name basis with Yukio.  She adored her grandmother who raised her and has a strained relationship her mother because she was too busy with work.  Their relationship further deteriorated after her grandmother dies in a garden accident.  Soon after, the affliction in her legs motivates her concerned mother to contacted Yukio who determines it’s a Spirit Wound (roots) and the demon was living in the garden, possessing a plant.  She was vulnerable after loosing her grandmother.  A low-level demon possessing a pansy flower pretended to be the fairy of her grandmother’s garden and made a deal with her to protect the garden in exchange for her strength.  It drained her life through her legs, slowly paralyzing her.  Rin makes her come to her senses by reminding her of her original dream, to see the Garden of Amahara.  Her newly resolved heart breaks the contract forcing the demon to appear.  Yukio tricks it into releasing Shiemi by pretending to shoot her (it was a nutrient shot) and Rin delivers the finishing blow.  She enters True Cross Academy’s cram school for personal growth and to be closer to her crush, Yukio.  Gains a Green Man spirit familiar in E07.  In her effort to become independent she tries to become friends with Izumo who decides to use her like a servant for fun while pretending to be her friend.  She argues with Rin about it because he knows Izumo is mistreating her.  It’s Paku who stands up for her much to Izumo’s shock.  Shiemi ends up saving Paku with medical treatment when the later is attacked by a ghoul. Her bravery surprises Izumo who couldn’t muster enough courage to help her best friend.  When the same ghoul attacks her classmates again, she has Ni shield them with thick bramble until they can come up with a plan.  She was undecided about seriously pursuing a career as an exorcist.  In E09, Yukio wants her to become an exorcist but is unable to persuade her.  It’s Rin who wordlessly makes her determined to be an exorcist after he’s wounded by Neuhaus.  She realizes she’s useless to the brothers as a half-hearted student with subpar knowledge about medical herbs.

Shiemi's Grandmother

Garden Oba-san
First appearance:  E04
Shiemi’s grandmother.  Died when a part of a garden structure fell on her while working on it.  She used to tell her granddaughter stories god’s garden which was filled with every variety of plants and flowers.

Shiemi's Mother

Ye Old Exorcist Shop Owner
First appearance:  E04
Shop Yukio frequents.  Shiemi’s mother.  She had a strained relationship with her daughter because she was too busy with work to raise her.  She’s worried about the slow deterioration of her daughter’s legs and asks Yukio to examine her.  Her relationship with her daughter improves once Rin makes Shiemi realize she forsook her dreams to live in the past.

Pansy demon

Garden Demon
First appearance:  E04
A low-level demon possessed a pansy and made a deal with Shiemi to keep her grandmother’s garden thriving in exchange for her vitality.  It’s forced out of hiding when Shiemi resolves her guilt laden heart (she thought it was her fault granny died).  It uses Shiemi as a body shield until Yukio tricks it into releasing her by pretending to shoot her with his gun.  Rin then destroys the demon with a slash of his sword.


勝呂 竜士 Suguro “Bon” Ryuji
First Appearance:  E05
Goal in life is to defeat Satan and rebuild his father’s temple.  He had a difficult childhood because cruel gossip about anyone associated with the temple.  The locals believed it was cursed because of the massacre that took place 10 years ago.  He’s attending True Cross on a scholarship.  He’s athletic, maintains a high GPA, and has superb memory skills.  He has a huge chip on his shoulder against anyone who looks like they’re getting a free ride through school which he had to slave away to achieve.  He initially butts heads with Rin because he thinks Rin is lazy, and only in school because he’s well-connected.  They become fierce rivals because they have the same personality.  After Rin saves him the Leaper, he grudgingly begins to accept him as a friend.  He gives him a hair clip as a truce token.  He plans to dual spec as Aria and Dragoon.


志摩 廉造 Shima Renzou
First appearance:  E05
Bon’s friend.  Apprentice at the Cursed Temple and studying at the Academy to become an Aria. 3rd son of the Houjou Family.


三輪 子猫丸 Konekomaru Miwa
First appearance:  E05
Bon’s friend.  Apprentice at the Cursed Temple.  Aiming to become an Aria. Head of the Miwa Family.  His entire family was wiped out in Blue Night.

Miss Tsundere

神木 出雲 Kamiki Izumo
First appearance:  E05
Wears her hair in pig-tails.  Gains the ability to summons two fox familiars in E07.  She’s stuck up because of her elite lineage (long line of shine maidens).  She doesn’t let anyone except Paku close to her and mistreated Shiemi who tried to get close.  Despite her tough exterior, she’s emotionally fragile and is crushed when it seems like Paku hates and abandons her (quit exorcist classes).  In E08, she’s relieved to learn Paku still wants to be friends but scared of being left alone since Paku won’t continue in cram school.  She realizes she can depend on her classmates if she lets them help her and is able to regain control over her fox spirits with her resolved heart.


First appearance:  E05
She chose to befriended Izumo, shunned by her classmates for being different (could see demons), in elementary school despite the high probability she would be picked on too.  Since then, she’s Izumo’s only and closest friend.  She’s attending exorcist classes because she felt pressured to follow Izumo.   She’s unhappy about it but doesn’t say anything until her dislike over the way her friend treats Shiemi finally gives her a backbone to say it to her face.  She decides to quit exorcist school but intends to stay Izumo’s friend.

Puppet Boy

Sleepy Hand Puppet Boy
First appearance:  E05
Always seen with a bunny hand puppet.


First appearance:  E05
Wears a hoodie and keeps his face hidden. See Shura.

PE teacher

Tsubaki Kaori
First appearance:  E05
PE Teacher. Sports a bizarre 5 o’clock shadow.

Demon Frog

First appearance:  E05
Giant frog demons.  Used to train endurance in cram school PE class.  Telepathic.  Attacks targets who are emotionally vulnerable.

Bon's Dad

First appearance:  E05
Bon’s Father. Only survivor of Blue Night at the temple when he was an apprentice because he hid.  He’s now head of the temple but the locals consider it a cursed place because of the massacre so he and Bon were the target of vicious gossip and treated rudely by the locals.

Hair clip

Hair Clip
First appearance: E05
At the end of E05, Bon notices Rin’s bangs gets in his eyes when he tries to study in class. He gives the clip to Rin in thanks for saving him from the Leaper but instead of being grateful, Rin is creeped out by the gift.


アマイモン Amaimon, Earth King
First appearance:  E05
Faust’s little brother.  He reports the state of Gehenna directly to his older brother.  Shows little interest in anything except Faust who he obeys without question.  He is ordered by his eldest brother to test and draw out Rin’s abilities.

Amaymon's Pet

First appearance:  E05
Amaimon’s Pet. Looks like an evolved form of a hobgoblin.


イゴール・ネイガウス Neuhaus Igouru
First appearance:  E07
Teaches Rin’s class about summoning familiars.  He has the ability to summer evolved forms of his familiar.  He shows the students Naberious v1 during a summoning demonstration in class. He sends v2 after Rin during the classes Esquire training camp where it hurts Paku to draw out it’s target.  He orders v2.5 to attack the students again and the flower head half lures Rin to the basement and forces him to expose his powers to the Tamer teacher.  He passes off the attack as part of the Esquire exam but Yukio views his actions as particularly brutal and malicious toward Rin.  Neuhaus reveals his action was sanctioned and ordered by Faust when Yukio confronts him about his intent.   In E09, he tries to murder Rin himself but is twarted by Yukio.  He reveals intense hatred for Satan because he was a victim of Blue Night.  Satan possessed his body for a moment and killed his family, leaving a scarred left eye behind as a permanent reminder.  He battles with Yukio with reckless abandon, using his blood without concern for his health.  Rin arrives in time to stop Naberius v3 from killing Yukio but he doesn’t attack Neuhaus even though the Tamer stabs him.  Instead, Neuhaus is stunned by Rin’s appeal to his humanity and looses his will to fight.  He warns Rin others will come after him.  Contrary to his hate for Satan, he obey’s Faust without question.  His motives for following him is unknown at this time.


First appearance:  07
Tamer teacher’s familiar.

Fox spirits

Mustache and Hat Fox Spirit
First appearance:  07
Izumo’s familiars.  They turn on her because her emotions are in chaos because she thinks Paku doesn’t like her anymore.


Greenman aka Ni
First appearance:  07
Shiemi’s familiar.  She summoned with the following incantation, “Come, come… just kidding.”

Naberius v2

Tamer Teacher’s Pet
First appearance:  E07
Two headed, patchwork ghoul that walks on all fours.  It attacks Izumo and Paku in the girls shower room.  It’s blood, lethal to humans, knocks out Paku when it touches the skin on her face and arm.  It’s real mission is to lure out Rin because it was ordered to attack him by the Tamer teacher who was in turned ordered to do so by an unnamed demon.  Yukio informs Rin later it was actually a higher level Naberius.

'Ze French Bible Teacher

Holy Scripture Teacher
First Appearance:  E08
Teaches students about reciting the bible and other holy scriptures to combat demons. Teaches them each demon class requires a specific “fatal verse”.

Naberius v2.5

Naberius v2.5
First Appearance:  E08
The 2nd head of Naberius v2 opens and throws misama on the Esquire training camp students.

Demon Hands

Disembodied Demon Hands
First Appearance:  E09
Demon hands summoned from tattoos on Neuhaus’s arms.

Naberius v3

Naberius v3
First Appearance:  E09
The strongest variation of Naberius summed by Neuhaus against Yukio on the dormitory rooftop.


Sith aka Oshira-sama
First appearance: c8 comic
Fujimoto’s familiar. It used live in harmony with humans, protecting the local silkworm commerce in exchange for offerings. After the decline in silkworm trade, he was forgotten by the locals. He became a wild demon in the present when construction threatened to tear down his shrine. Fujimoto was finally hired to destroy him but he talked Sith into calming down and made it his familiar instead. He was entrusted as Gatekeeper of the southern gate to True Cross Academy.


霧隠 シュラ Kirigakure Shura
First appearance: c9 comic
26yrs old.  Upper First Class Exorcist, Senior Inspector.  Scantily clothed, prefers to wear lingerie type clothing. She entered the school as Yama, Rin’s classmate, and kept her face covered with the hoodie. She exposes her real identity to save Rin from Amaimon who stole Rin’s sword to unseal his demonic form. She was sent by the True Cross Vatican Headquarters to secretly investigate Rin but her other agenda was to carry out the will of Fujimoto to teach Rin how to use the Demon Blade if he died. She drags Rin to a secret chamber under the school to prove he’s a worthless demon. Instead she’s impressed by his determination to succeed Fujimoto. She doesn’t kill him as instructed by her superiors; instead, she stays at the Academy and takes over the Magic Circles (previous instructor was Neuhaus), Sealing Technique, and Sword Technique Classes. Kurikara is in her safekeeping until Rin earns it back.

アーサー・オーギュスト・エンジェル Arthur Auguste Angel
First Appearance: ??
Promoted to Paladin after Fujimoto’s death. Genuine self-righteous a-hole.

Yuri Egin
First Appearance: ??
Lower Second Class Exorcist. Yukio and Rin’s mother. Satan possessed a body and impregnated her.

First Appearance: ??
Teacher at True Cross Academy.

Saburota Todou
First Appearance: c16
Upper Second Class Exorcist. Director of the Saishinbu. He comes from a long line of nobles that work in Saishinbu but he felt forced into the role and became a demon from the resentment. His purpose was to distract the Exorcists so the real Left eye could be stolen.

Masked Thief
First Appearance: c16
Wears a hooded black outfit and gas mask like object on his face. Stole the Left Eye and took a child hostage to escape.

First Appearance: c16
Taken hostage by thief who stole the Left Eye. Yukio saves his life by administering critical vaccine into the demon boils covering his body.

Left Eye of the Impure King
First Appearance: c16

First Appearance: c17
Exorcist from the Intelligence Dept. debrief Shura’s unit dispatched to recover the Right Eye.

First Appearance: c17
Historian Exorcist recounts the tale of the Impure King to Shura’s unit. The Impure King was an upper class demon that spread pestilence and death (over 40,000) during the Ansei Era. A monk by the name of Fukaku defeated the demon and removed its eyes as proof.  It’s sealed because it releases strong miasma.

First Appearance: c17
Errand boy for the True Cross Order Tokyo Branch.

Torako aka Okami-san
First Appearance: c18
Bon’s mother.

Shima Yaozou
First Appearance: c18
Kyoto Branch Chief. Upper First Class Exorcist and High Priest. Shima’s father.

Shima Juuzou
First Appearance: c18
Upper Second Class Exorcist of the Kyoto Branch. Yaozou’s 2nd son and Shima Renzou’s little brother.

Houjou Mamushi
First Appearance: c18
Eldest daughter of the Houjou Family. Middle First Class Exorcist.

Shima Kinzou
First Appearance: c18
4th son of the Houjou Family.

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