Ao no Exorcist | 04


天空の庭 | Amahara no Niwa | “Garden of Amahara”

I was under the impression his more demonic features disappear when he sheaths his katana but his tail actually stays.  How does he hide it?!?  Is it rolled up like a Hubba Bubba® Bubble Tape®?  Folded like an accordion?  Is it stuffed inside his underoo or left dangling inside his pants???

Some finer details about the Academy like the keys is explained.  There are different keys to different locations and only exorcist are given keys; but they’re not bound to the owner which seems like a huge security risk.  Rin, day 2, 1 key.  The key makes a trip shorter but whats the point of the keys if it doesn’t take you straight to the destination’s door?  Faust must like his bishounens fit and lean.  The Academy is so elaborate it’s a hoot seeing a rickety old sign, “Ye Old Exorcist Store”.  Next will be Ye Old Shoe Store and Ye Old Hentai Shop, where they’ll sell calligraphy nudes.

Even though his heart is human his body is demon now.  There’s no hiding the fact the barrier around the garden reacted to him.  Asteroth needed a truck to plow through the barrier surrounding the abbey but Rin dispelled this one with a touch, broke the gate too.  Yuki tells him to lay low and he goes off and show’s a girl evidence he’s a demon.  This is why he’s reading exorcist books for pre-schoolers.

I can’t get over Shiemi’s mouth.  She’s like Charlie Brown and Mihashi (The Big Windup) rolled into one.  She’s odd but moe at the same time.  Here’s a cute girl and Rin shows off his barbaric side to her.  There are other ways to show her she’s wrong besides breaking her precious potted plants and hitting her head.  His charming side again (when he see’s a problem he tackles it straight on), zero delicacy.

She’s going to make a great addition to the cast.  Ever since the series started I’ve been dying to find characters I can label the three fools.  With Shiemi and Rin, it’s 2.  Just one more!


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