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Ao no Exorcist | 07

May 30, 2011

友千鳥 | Tomochidori | “Flock of Plovers”

The walking disaster.

Amg, Shiemi…watching her is like watching a baby about to yank the tail of a rabid porcupine.  She’s a walking disaster.  Of course anime is about extreme exaggeration, so she has layers of disasterness.  (more…)

Prevalence of Cheesy Thumbs Up Gesture In Anime

May 29, 2011

Maybe it’s actually an abilty. The secret behind Endou’s blinding charisma is GOD THUMB!  Endou activates it using the thumbs up gesture.


Overlooked Anime | Inazuma Eleven

May 25, 2011

Inazuma Eleven recently ended and it’s sequel is already airing.  Its like Eyeshield 21 and Pokemon rolled together.

Endou aims for Football (Soccer) Frontier.


Ao no Exorcist | 06

May 23, 2011

まぼろしの料理人 | Maboroshi no Ryourinin | “The Phantom Cook”

The lesson the twins learn today is food is srs bsns.


Ao no Exorcist | 05

May 16, 2011

祟り寺の子 | Tatari tera no ko | “Child of the Cursed Temple”

Rin bonds with Suguro "Bon" Ryuji voiced by none other than Nakai Kazuya (Zoro, One Piece) an accomplished VA who has a panache for bad boy characters especially ones that sound gangsta (Mugen, Samurai Champloo).


Ao no Exorcist | Characters

May 15, 2011

Spoilers ahead.*

Blue Exorcist Cast


Ao no Exorcist | 04

May 11, 2011

天空の庭 | Amahara no Niwa | “Garden of Amahara”


Ao no Exorcist | 03

May 4, 2011

兄と弟 | Ani to Otouto | “Brothers”