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Fractale | 04

March 22, 2011

Departure view

There was heavy religious overtones since the beginning.  At first I thought why is the church handling matters of science.  Then it became how, when, and why did the church seize power.  Either there was already a strong church government in place or it merged with the church to combat the rising number of people rejecting the system.  An explanation on the matter would be nice but I wouldn’t hold my breath. (more…)

Fractale | 03

March 19, 2011

The Village of Granites view

Fractale is a clever art piece.  We’re viewing only a portion of the art, like we’ve zoomed in on a microscopic detail in a corner.  Slowly with every episode, we zoom out and we’re shown another piece of the art.  Fractale  is telling us, sometimes things that appear beautiful up close is not so pretty when viewed from afar. (more…)

Cartoon Laws of Physics

March 18, 2011

Cartoon Law I: Any body suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation.

Daffy Duck steps off a cliff, expecting further pastureland. He loiters in midair, soliloquizing flippantly, until he chances to look down. At this point, the familiar principle of 32 feet per-second-per-second takes over. (more…)

Fractale | 02

March 16, 2011

Nessa view

Taking a moment to salute the animators for the moe.  In the words of Mortal Combat, “EXCELLENT.” (more…)

Fractale | Media

March 12, 2011

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WTF is Moe?!

March 12, 2011

The first documented account of “moe” was around 2006 when it was starting to catch on in the States.  Moe, as I know it, means something precious/endearing or something that stirs up feels of wanting to nurture and protect.  ANN has the best definition for those who want a complete explanation.  (more…)

Fractale | 01

March 12, 2011

The Encounter view

The start is normal enough.  Blonde haired, blue-eyed Clain talks to his parents about his plans for the day, visiting a “junk market”.  Except his parents aren’t human, and the family pet sounds like a dog but looks like a yellow toaster. (more…)