Bamboo Blade | 09


Bamboo Blade (Tama-chan)

“Kojirou and the Branch Point of Destiny”

Summary: Tama-chan continues her part-time job. It cuts into her kendo practice but she attends whenever she can. During her absence, Dan-kun shows off his potential as a formidable opponent in kendo and academics. Later, Kojirou ends up in trouble while grocery shopping and now his job is in jeparody.

Further validation Kojirou is the protagonist. When he visits Tama-chan at work, he gives her pointers on how to do her job properly. In the last episode, it was Kojirou who calls her when she’s at her weakest and advises her not to run away.

More proof. A “protagonist is the character undergoing a dramatic change… both of his own character and external circumstances, with the plot either going from order to chaos or

    from chaos to order (in a comedy, with the protagonist going from misfortune to prosperity and from obscurity to prominence)

.” (Wiki). The definition fits Kojirou perfectly. Tama-chan fills the role as catalyst to bring about his change.

Notable moment:
– Tama-chan is so overworked, she answers with Nakata with the greeting from work
– The brilliant radiance from Miya-miya, Dan-kun, and Nakata when it’s revealed the boys are #2 and #4 respectively out of the entire student body.


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