According to ANN, Earlbox(#) states 無限の住人 or Blade of the Immortal anime will broadcast this summer. As proof, the site shows finished character designs by 山下喜光Yamashita Yoshimitsu, the animation director of Samurai Champloo.

Hell yeah! Bout time. If you’re too lazy for Wiki, the story centers around the ronin, Manji, who’s been cursed with immortality until he can kill 1000 evil men to atone for his sins. Immortality doesn’t seem like a curse but Hiroaki Samura does a great job showing otherwise. He ends up traveling with a young samurai’s daughter, Rin, to help carry out her vendetta against the Itto-ryu, a ruthless dojo lead by Kagehisa Anotsu. This school remains the main antagonist throughout the storyline.

No magic and sorcery here, just straight up bloodbath! And when the violence gets repetative, sadistic Shira comes along. Ahh, the memories.


One Response to “BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL Anime This Summer?”

  1. Big Daddy K Says:

    The first episode is up and after seeing the previews I must say that the anime looks way different than the mange but it does have potential, hopefully it doesn’t take that long to get the subs…

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