Kamen no Maid Guy | Cameo on Ninomiya-kun


Sighted back in ’07, Maid Guy made a cameo in Ninomiya-kun E03 before his official debut this spring.

Maid Guy 2Main Guy 1
Maid Guy 3Maid Guy 4

Kamen no Maid Guy’s official website is finally up. After a years wait, man what a let down. Big disappointment with the character art. It’s not as dynamic as the comic. Now I’m thinking Titanic. Another sinker, another sad waste of air time. Air Gear anyone?

Ikki Ecchi

Maybe it won’t suck too much and end up like Yakitate!, not as funny (as the comic) but decent enough for the general audience.


One Response to “Kamen no Maid Guy | Cameo on Ninomiya-kun”

  1. mark Says:

    well, all i can say is that kogarashi still rocks whether he’s in a black or yellow attire (or whatever you meant by charcter design. they just have probably bulk him up a bit so he would be more of a manly maid than a gay maid) he has a gnarly beast attitude! if you’ve seen the anime, you’d probably know what i’m talking about! i thought it was funny !!!!!

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