CENCOROLL and Coluboccoro Movie Trailer



So annoying when I miss info on new anime. Stumbled onto Cencoroll trailer at Youtube. Relatively obscure anime seemed familiar. Duh, that’s because it’s very similiar in style to Paprika, minus the chaotic colors. Vague info available at the offical website. Check out the directors comments at DOGAKAKUMEI’s You account.

Source: Catsuka

Also found something called Coluboccoro, a sci-fi fantasy. With a similar feel as Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.


Both works are promoted by a group called Anime Innovation Tokyo. The animation house is actively seeking fresh ideas and encourage new submissions by aspiring animators. News like that makes it worth investing in “silly cartoons”.

After a little digging found this excerpt:

Coluboccoro, by Kenji Itoso, is a new anime set to come out likely this year? A young girl in a money centered society goes on a quest with her spirit named Coluboccoro to return peace and nature. Kenji Itoso has worked with Hayao Miyazaki so his works may have a similar feel. Still in production. – Animegerad

So the Miyazaki influence was right on. However, the same source says it’s a Hangook production which means it automatically sucks? Sure media from the peninsula is a mite awkward but I attribute that to something lost in translation. Ex. “빈집 Empty House” is “3-Iron” in the States. See? Lost in translation.

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One Response to “CENCOROLL and Coluboccoro Movie Trailer”

  1. nitro2k01 Says:

    The lack of substantial information on Cencoroll is disturbing. Hope they don’t have trouble selling it to a TV company, because it looks promising. I found you blog while looking for info about it, and Coluboccoro looks ok too, so thanks for the accidental tip. ;)

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