SOUL EATER | Characters


Soul EaterSoul Eater (TV) Name: Soul Eater. Vocation: Weapon. Type: Demon Scythe. School: Shibusen. Status: Student. Field Notes: Maka’s weapon. His goal is to become the ultimate Demon Scythe and succeed Death’s current weapon, Death Scythe.

MakaMaka (TV) Name: Maka. Vocation: Technician. Specialty: Scythe. School: Shibusen. Status: Student. Field Notes: Wants to surpass her mother as a Weapon Technician. Possesses the fearsome attack “Maka Chop”. One of the top students in class. Despite her good-girl image, she has family problems and is having difficulties dealing with her parents divorce. She is constantly struggling to come to terms with her father’s leecherous behavior.

Witch BlairBlair (TV) Name: Blair. Vocation: Professional vixen. School: Self-taught. Status: Freeloader. Special Attack: Smashing Pumpkin. Field Notes: Currently mooching off Maka and Soul. Takes great pleasure in enticing Soul.

Black StarBlack Star (TV) Name: Black Star. Vocation: Technician. Specialty: Dark Blade. School: Shibusen. Status: Student. Field Notes: Tsubaki’s Technician. His goal is to become the most famous Technician in the world. Also a Dark Assassin of considerable skill but poor execution due to his pomp and ego. Despite his bravo he often has to deal with the stigma of his heritage as the only survivor of the Hoshizoku or Star Clan. The infamous assassin clan carried all manner of atrocities for money until the clan was exterminated by DEATH. He doesn’t harbor any grudge against DEATH but the victims of the Hoshizoku still take out their resentment on him.

TsubakiTsubaki (TV) Name: Tsubaki. Vocation: Weapon. Type: Dark Demon Blade. School: Shibusen. Status: Student. Field Notes: Amiable weapon. She acts more like a caretaker than a weapon when it comes to Black Star.

Death the KidDeath the Kid (TV) Name: Death the Kid. Vocation: Technician. Specialty: Guns. School: Shibusen. Status: Student. Field Notes: Death’s son. Patty & Liz’s Technician. He enrolls at Shibusen after witnessing an aggrivated situation involving students from his father’s school. Extreme perfectionist.

Thompson Twins - Patty & LizThompson Sisters (TV) Patty & Liz Thompson aka Thompson Sisters. Vocation: Weapon. Type: Demon Gun. School: Shibusen. Status: Student. Field Notes: Once the most feared weapons on the streets before becoming Kid’s guns.

Dr. Franken SteinDr. Franken Stein (TV) Name: Dr. Franken Stein. Vocation: Technician. Specialty: ? School: Shibusen. Status: Teacher. Field Notes: Most powerful Technician graduate of Shibusen. Sadistic yet mellow Technician who likes experimenting. He particularly likes to tease his first weapon.

Shinigami-samaShinigami-sama (TV) Name: DEATH. Vocation: Reaper. Specialty: Reaping! School: Shibusen. Status: Head Master (owner). Field Notes: Mysterious owner of Shibusen. Never leaves the city.

Death ScytheDeath Scythe (TV) Name: Death Scythe. Vocation: Weapon. Type: Scythe. School: Shibusen. Status: Death’s Scythe. Field Notes: Unabashed womanizer and doting father of only child, Maka. Recently divorced from Maka’s mother, his former Technician. His biggest secret is that she was his second Technician.


57 Responses to “SOUL EATER | Characters”

  1. fangirl! Says:

    Dr. Frank Stein is HOT!

  2. wrath Says:

    i love soul eater

  3. Sue Says:

    Yay, for Stein-kun and Shinigami-sama. These fine Animation rocks.

  4. bryan tarrobal Says:

    woah! you post many characters from soul eater can you post the other characters too?

  5. soul eater Says:


  6. dhen Says:

    hahaha! corniiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anong palabas yaN!

  7. dhen Says:

    gabnda nga eeeeh!
    what kind opf power they have!

  8. clark Says:

    please post the name clearly because i read it so blurred im so sorry for what i say but thats true :)

  9. blessie Says:

    hellow ….poh saby niyo aq dito,,,,^_^

  10. ellamae_cell Says:

    i like them all couse there so cute add strong

  11. ellamae_cell Says:

    i have a crush on [death the kid,soul eater,black star,Dr. Franken Stein]

    i love [maka,tshubaki,Thompson Sisters]

    i hate [meduza]

    and i like [dr. franken stien’s] wepon i cant remember her name but i like her

  12. ryan Says:

    gagaling nyo friends

  13. kim Says:

    your are cool yeh im you no.1 in the philliphines

  14. kim Says:

    hello im kim soul eater rock i will gonna wath it every time

  15. soulpopper Says:

    ang cool naman pano young ibang characters

  16. animatic_ geek Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this anime is so cool. I really love it!!!!

  17. johnpatrickmacas Says:

    soul and mack is better than all

  18. Deidara19KibakuNendo888 Says:


  19. brian Says:

    i like soul and black star

  20. brian Says:

    soul is beter then all

  21. anime guy Says:

    DR.Medusa is the hottest in soul eater


  23. patricia Says:

    GRABE!!!!!!!!!! ang astig

  24. Insanity143 Says:

    Is there any season 2 of Soul Eater?

    • Anon Says:

      Not at this time, and it’s doubtful there will be any continuation judging by the animator’s track record. This is the 2nd longest series animated by Bones Studio, the first being Full Metal Alchemist. They’re more about quality than quantity.

    • AngeLofFebruary5 Says:

      yes, in 2012, Soul Eater Repeat Show. They will make the anime just like the manga and I saw an episode, it is SUPER.

  25. Maka Scythe Albarn Says:

    Hi tnx for suporting Soul Eater!

  26. death the kid Says:

    …i like death the kid coz his cooolll!!! and astiigg!!! and he rock like me! ^_~
    ol of dem! assttiiigg!!!
    …i wats dem oll everyday. :-)

  27. dayanara Says:

    maka and soul are perfect couple heheheheh!

  28. PortGasDAce Says:

    where’s ragnarok?

  29. genalyn lumontad paquibot Says:

    i like death the kid very much,soul,black star,patty and liz,tsubaki and of course maka and the cutest guy in soul eater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it isn’t a joke i really like very much aprove .

  30. Mary Joy Bulaclac Says:

    Please sent an image and info of Cr0na and Medusa tnx ! :)

  31. Mary Joy Bulaclac Says:

    i’d draw them all except th0mps0ns sisters and Death size ! c0z they hard t0 draw ! FOR ME

  32. bianca Says:

    ang ganda gwapo ni death the kid astig idol ko c maka super fan ako ng soul eater sana ganon ako kaastig

  33. Anonymous Says:

    death scythe is cool… tsubaki is so cute love it….

  34. ken Says:

    i love black star!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    haha…maka rockz!!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    i love maka and soul.

    their are cute and strong…

  37. AngeLofFebruary5 Says:

    well, i think Death the Kid is the best. In 2012 will be the second season, Soul Eater Repeat Show and they will make the anime just like the manga. I saw an episode and it is Cool. You should watch it. And you will enjoy it, I am sure….

  38. Willianne Gabrielle Delos Reyes Says:


  39. roxas Says:

    Death the Kid is the best!!!!!!!

  40. mark Says:

    my idol is frankenstein the proffesor in dwma

  41. Anonymous Says:

    i love death the kid..hahaha

  42. LiL B 133 Says:

    maka and the tomson sisters are hot

  43. Luna Says:

    Kid should have a twin sister

  44. decimo Says:

    co astig i always watch soul eater

  45. Trange Tahop Says:

    i really love soul eater!!! <3

  46. Trange Tahop Says:

    i love to cosplay soul eater characters specially death the kid

  47. khaye nanah kyochi Says:

    hahahah .. wow .. so nice !

  48. piggyoink4321 Says:

    you forgot about Crona

  49. Anonymous Says:

    favorite character black star

  50. Joyce Says:

    Love all characters an I drawn each an every character how bad ass is that haha

  51. angel Says:

    I hope souleater never ends

  52. Adupa senn Says:

    Black star is just so cool^^

  53. duel Wieding deamon Hunter Says:

    Duel Wieding is great in battle

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