Bamboo Blade | 07


Bamboo Blade (Tama-chan)

“Sushi and Fried Katsu”

Summary: Ishibashi Kenzaburo is so impressed with Tama-chan, he asks her for a match. Afterwards, Ishibashi still treats Kojirou to sushi but the promised prize isn’t what he lead him to believe.

Finally! A proper showdown. Too bad more of the show doesn’t have this kind of action.

I’m more curious than ever about Tama-chan’s mother. She was obviously a formidable woman. She taught Tama-chan after all. There’s also the fact she uses the most aggressive stance (ascension) in kendo.

Noteworthy humor:
– Saya’s little brother, “Oh noes! her @$$ is gonna crush my DS! Get off! Get! Off!”
– Tama-chan trying to insert a VHD in a CD player.
– Kojirou hi-fives a confused Danjuuro


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