Bamboo Blade | 06


Bamboo Blade (Tama-chan)

“Kawazoe Tamaki and the Belated Bureiba”

Summary: Muroe and Machido practice match finally begins. Kojirou’s master plan is for Tama-chan to fight first then come back desguised to fight as the 5th team member, Bureiba!

The most interesting development is between Danjuurou and Miya-miya. She’s been hold back on kendo because she’s trying to hide her true nature from Danjuurou. So the question, did he leave the floor because he was disturbed by how good she was or did he leave so she could go all out? It seems he some hard thinking in the back room. After the match, he encourages and supports Miya-miya. He was unsettled by how good she was at kendo but decides it’s not a big deal. How manly. Makes Toyama and Iwasa look like complete @$$es, no?

Kojirou and Kirino are oddly familiar with each other. Recall the shoulder massage and the way he mimics her head movements in the past. In this epispode, he mentally encourages Kirino during her match with Andou and she answers him as if she heard.

Ha ha moments of note:

– nato beans as a visual pun
– Kojirou busting out with “BUREIBA”
– Saya’s reference to video games, “Use your B button!”
– Saya frantically shouting, “Miya-miya! You’r turning black! Black!’
– Nakata popping up in the background to contradict Kojirou


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