Bamboo Blade | 05


Bamboo Blade (Tama-chan)

“Muroe High and Machido High”

Summary: With the match only a week away, Kojirou finally assisgns match positions. He’s not confident becaues he’s short a team member and two don’t have enough kendo experience but he won’t accept anything but an absolute victory from his girls. However, it’s his sempai who needs to worry because Machido girls are nowhere to be found on the day of the match.

@Muroe Private High School
Kirino is 2nd. Saya is 3rd. Miya is 4th. Tama is 1st and 5th.

@Machido Private High School
Yoko Maya, Senior, 1st. Ando Yuri, Junior, 2nd. Nishiyama Karen, Senior, 3rd. Asakawa Akemi, Junior, 4th. Harada Konatsu, Team Captain, Senior, 5th.

The episode, viewers are shown more of the Machido team’s personalities. They’re a kooky lot. Asakawa is boy-crazy, Nishiyama is a fraidy-cat, Andou is a sadist (she’s Machido’s Miyu-miyu), and Yoko is a violent tom-boy.

It’s ironic, the man who was dying for a match is the one who’s late. He even compensated by making his girls meet up an hour earlier to no avail.


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