Moyashimon | 02



Spoilers ahead.


Characters and Other Definitions

Tadayasu Sawaki – University freshman who can see microbes with the naked eye. His father owns a yeast factory. When he was a kid, other children ostracized him for saying he could see things they couldn’t. The adults were no better. Even his own parents didn’t believe him. It affected him more than he lets on. He expresses genuine happiness when his ability is openly accepted by Misato (see Misato Kaoru) and Kawahama (see Kawahama Takuma) unlike his reception by Itsuki (wants to poke and prod him) and Hasegawa (suspicious and angry at his ability).
Yuuki Kei – University freshman and Sawaki’s childhood friend. His father owns a brewery. Has a manic dislike of homohiochi due to a traumatic experience when he was a child (see homohiochi). Behaves more like Sawaki’s guardian than friend. He thinks it’s finally okay to leave Sawaki alone at the university but Hasegawa warns him otherwise (see Hasegawa).
homohiochi – Microbes that ruin sake. Belong to the lactobacillus family. It was once believed homohiochi caused sake to turn into vinegar but what it really did was cloud the sake and give off a vinegar-like odor. Kei especially detest homohiochi because it once ruined an entire storehouse of sake which caused the head brewer to commit suicide.
ash – Known for its antibacterial and preservative effect in Nippon. Once used to restore alcoholic beverages that turned rancid because of homohiochi. The ash works as a base to neutralize the over-acidic sake. Itsuki uses it to eliminate homohiochi instead of burning them with ethanol.
Professor Itsuki – Instructor at the agriculture university. Interested Sawaki’s special ability and plans to thoroughly study it. He’s actually an intelligent and crafty old man. He comes up with a scheme to deal with the wayward 2nd year students.
Hasegawa – Hardcore research student dressed in a racy, leather outfit. Warns Kei that Sawaki is in danger of being exploited by those who covet his friend’s, by her estimates, 3 million dollar ability.
Misato Kaoru – University sophomore (2nd year student). He and Kawahama made a failed batch of illegal sake which became saturated with homohiochi. He was collecting information on brewing the previous summer according to Professor Itsuki. He and Kawahama lay a sob story on Sawaki to get him to help them make money. When Sawaki’s ability doesn’t pull through for he has a fight with Kawahama to find a way to recuperate the cost of the sake failure. Kawahama tells him to sell his silkworm larvae but they’re all dead. It’s then Sawaki notices a rare microbe on one of the larvae.
Kawahama Takuma – University sophomore (2nd year student). Their illegal sake was spoiled by homohiochi. Professor Itsuki recalls he was very interested in biological environments and its effects (necessary for properly brewing sake). He and Misato are fully aware of Sawaki’s ability and attempt to exploit him in the name of profit. He begs Sawaki to help them find new microbes or find useful (profitable) microbes. He fights with Misato when Sawaki can’t help them out of their current fix, the sake debacle. He refuses to give up his King bug to recoup costs.
C. sinensis – Chinese medicine thought to bestow immortality. One of Misato’s dead silk worms is surrounded with them. Sawaki agrees to help Misato and Kawahama grow them after they beg him to help.
Mrs. Sekiguichi – An acquaintance back home, Sawaki recalls she used to buy C. sinensis online for $200 a pop because it’s hard to find, much like the coveted wild truffles (rare mushrooms).



There’s more to Professor Itsuki than meets the eye. It’s insinuated he deliberately informed Misato and Kawahama about Sawaki’s ability.

Despite her antagonistic personality, Hasegawa means well. She tells Kei, in a round about way, to watch over Sawaki.


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