Bamboo Blade | 04


Bamboo Blade (Tama-chan)

“Pink and Blue”

Saya is impatient, hot-tempered, sensative, and terrified of bugs. In a flashback, Kirino says Saya has the ability to surpass her. However, Saya is unable to stick to anything for long and leaves the kendo club frequently. She’s one of those people who doesn’t know what to do with her life so she throws herself into all kinds of hobbies to figure it out.

I found her aimless meandering annoying at first but now I think otherwise. She’s actually a good role model. Instead of just sitting around doing nothing, she tries out all kinds of activities even if it doesn’t last long.

A good moral to this episode you may find your calling in unexpected places so try new things. Like Miya-Miya, we may not like at first but after trying it out we may end up enjoying it. So stop sitting around and go do something.


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