Niijima Eye! | Ghost Hound 01


Ghost Hound

Spoilers ahead.

Shinreigari / Ghost Hound

OP: “Poltergeist (ポルターガイスト)” by Mayumi Kojima/ED: “Call My Name ~Kazenari no Oka~ (~風鳴りの丘~)” by Yucca

“The series is set in the modest town of Suiten, located in a desolate region in the island of Kyūshū, and follows three boys who have each had traumatic encounters in their childhood and learn to transfer their souls into a parallel world known as the “Unseen World”. The Unseen World is however undergoing a change, with its ghosts starting to appearing into the real world, which is therefore also being subject to changes.” Wiki

Too early to tell how the story will measure up in terms of entertainment value but there’s HIGH expections because Shirow Masamune co-created the concept. Hopefully that means he had a major part in the script development but the screenplay is mainly credited to Konaka Chiaki J. (Serial Experiments Lain). Took a look at his repertoire. I don’t like any of his works except Hellsing and Mononoke. But Mononoke, while visually stunning, is difficult to understand and fragmented which is typical of his writing style judging from the majority of his projects….. Must. Believe. In. Shirow.

Cast and Locations

Mysterious shrine girl – Tarou see’s her after his lucid dream about his sister, walking up to a well known shrine in the area. She looks directly at him. Later it’s shown she can see spirits regular people are unable to see.
Kei – Head brewer at the brewery owned by Tarou’s father.
Komori Tarou – Class A student and eldest son of a brewer. He has lucid dreams and can also astral project. His dreams are a mixture of a tragic kidnapping and real time visions from astral projecting. He and his sister were kidnapped when they were little. The suspect died during a blotched ransom delivery and the siblings were not found for an undisclosed amount of time. It’s insinuated his sister died during this period. His mother still hasn’t gotten over her death. His hobby seems to be playing with handmade radios.
Ogami Makoto- Delinquent student from Class B who attends the same school as Tarou.
Nakajima Masyuki – New transfer student also in Class B. Acts very familiar with fellow students. He tries to mooch homework from a classmate. Has obvious ulterior motives regarding Tarou. He also tries to befriend Ogami.
Dr. Hirata Atsui – Creepy psychologist from Tokyo University. The school principal introduces him as Tarou’s new counselor. His questions cause Tarou to recall his tragic past.
Suiten – Town where Tarou lives.


Tarou wants to remember something is sister told him when they were kidnapped.

Nakajima is very inquisative about Tarou and Ogami. For a new transfer student he know a lot about the two of them such as Ogami disliking Tarou. He implies Ogami’s father was the suspected kidnapper who died eleven years ago.


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