Hero Tales | 02


Juushin Enbu

Spoilers ahead.

E01 recap: One man army, Keiro, storms Rentsuji Temple to steal the great sword, Kenkarenbu. In the process, he ends up awakening the avatar of Hagun, Taito, who draws the lengendary sword. Keiro disposes of Taito but, when he’s unable to draw the sword, he sends Shimei, an undead assassin, to finish off Taito. Shimei decides to toy with him and tortures Raira causing Taito to go crazy with anger.

Cast and Other Definitions

Sonnei – Head priest of Rentsuji Temple.
Souei – Head of the Seiryuu milita. Taito and Raira’s father.
Taito – Souei’s adopted son and his successor as head of Seiryuu.
Raira – Souei’s legitimate daughter. Only one who can stop Taito when he loses control of his powers.
Ryuuko – Monk of Touryuji Temple of the Rikashu sect and Taika Happou user. Came to Rentsuji Temple to assist the head priest. He got lost on his way to the temple and found Taito at the bottom of the ravine. He’s the avatar of the Bukyoku star.
Hokushinkiki – Scroll detailing the story of the Hokushintenkun.
Hokushintenkun – avatars of the seven stars of Hokushin (North Star). Each avatar wields a unique weapon.
Goshintoushi – Bukyoku, Komon, Renjo, Rokuson, Monkoku are the five divine warriors of the Hokushintenkun
Nitenshinson – Hagun and Tanrou, the two stars fated to lead men during times of chaos.
Kenteikoku – Keiro’s place of origin.
Seiryuu – Independent militia protecting Taizan.
Keiro – The Empire’s shogun (head of the military branch). His ambition is to use Kenkarenbu to take over the empire. Aka mustached bastard.
Taika Happou – fighting style of the Rikkashu monks.
Rasenkon – or “Spiral Staff” is the Bukyoku’s special weapon.
Soukihou – Taika Happou’s ultimate attack. Manipulating the energy (ki) within the body and transfering it into a weapon. Taito channels it to his own body to stop Ryuuto’s attack.

Story Outline

Shimei confirms Keiro is indeed the avatar of Tanrou. His powers out of control, Taito goes postal on Shimei then turns on another avatar, Ryuko. Raira calms the berserk Taito in the customary way, with a sound headbutt. Raira and her father knew Taito was an avatar. The brash Taito doesn’t care for fate and destiny that comes with being a Hokushintenkun. Yet another avatar, traveling by boat to an unknown destination, comments on Keiro’s army. His demeanor shows he’s no friend of the general. Shimei hints Hagun and Tanrou are destined to fight each other. The people of Taizan show off their resiliency. The town bustles with commerce and activity even though it was destroyed a few days ago, reconstruction is well underway. Taito is still seething with rage over the death and destruction of Taizan and Rentsuji but his father admonishes him for seeking revenge. Taito always planned to succeed his father as head of Seiryuu but his father brings up the topic because he’s concerned Taito may die before that happens (recall he fell off the ravine and was unconscious for several days). His father accidentally tells him the shogun is Keiro, now there’s no stopping Taito who plans to storm the capital to kick the general’s @$$. His father believes Keiro is aiming for the throne. Normally only one Nitenshinson will appear at a time but the head priest confirms for both to appear means the two are destined to faceoff as one represents the forces of good and the other, the forces of evil. Ryuuko was invited to Rentsuji to be Taito’s guardian but he states his job as a Goshintoushi is to prevent the Nitenshinson from throwing the world into chaos even if it means killing Taito. Comment: That makes him True Neutral. Feh, it’s always about balance with these guys, no matter who dies. Ryuuto is confident he can stop Taito from going to the capital. He will allow Taito to chase after Keiro if he can defeat him but the fight ends in a draw. Taito tries to sneak out of town but Ryuuto anticipated his move. He decides to act as Taito’s guardian and follow him to the captial. Raira is also saw through his plans. There’s no disuading her from following him. She’s better prepared than her brother. She has money for travel and their father’s sword for Taito. Her father allowed her to go because she’s the only one who can suppress Hagun. The head priest comments while all the other avatars are driven by fate and Heaven’s will, only Taito is free to choose his path.


Translators have decided to call Taito’s sister “Raira” which is frickin wierd cuz it sounds like Scooby-Doo is saying her name. Think the better tranlsation is Laira or Raila (native nippon speakers have difficultly sounding out “r” & “l” and tend to mix up the two).


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