Dragonaut | 03


Dragonaut - Jin and Toa
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Spoilers ahead.

Cast and Terminology
Kyrill Georgief – old geezer with sharp sideburns.
Amadeus – goth girl’s dragon

Quick Notes
Whew, intense episode. The situation spirals out of control and all the dragons “actualize”. Though it was exciting overall, have to point out the funnier moments.

First, the scene where the pilots change costume. I snickered. They should’ve left that out the lame changing clothes part and just showed them in their piloting uniform. The dragon transformations were fine but it made me think of the Power Rangers for some reason. When they finished, my next thought, “what are they going to combine now and create ultra dragon?” Lolz.

So many gratuitous bust shots, it’d bleed an otaku dry. Maybe it’s to boost the anime’s rating. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ I have a feeling it’s working.

Kazuki does the classic wail to heaven like a character in a cheesy b-flick. He’s on his knees too! “NOOOOOOOO!!!” LOLOLOLOL

Gio finally awakens. So what does a newly awakened dragon do but walk straight into battle, butt nekkid.

And now the not so funny parts.

Jin is as clueless as ever. He hurts Tao and she hurts him. In all fairness, she does it (leaves) for him since he practically shat himself when he sees her upclose as a dragon. He calls her liar as he plummets (the guy really likes falling, his nickname should be Freefall Jin) into the ocean while she flies off. She’s awful fragile for a giant extraterrestrial. Of course, he needs to go chase after her now and explain how he feels like a proper man.

The decisions these characters make, like Sakaki, is extreme and destructive. They’re the adults but they make more impulsive decisions than the kids. Maybe this will turn out to be a major trend in the follow year. Instead of angsty, naive brats controlled by agenda running adults, the roles will reverse and it’s the adults who are destructive and the children that are wise and mature.

The girl in the yellow dress is definitely related to Sakaki. Either she’s his daughter or maybe sibling he lost awhile back. I’m sticking with daughter. Maybe he divorced and hasn’t seen the kid for a l-o-n-g time but I still think she’s dead. The way her image affects him, think his merciless personality is directly related to her. Maybe she was killed by the dragons too like Jin’s family.

Some internal political power struggle in the works between Sakaki and Kyrill. So not all is peaceful in the land of ISDA.


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