Bamboo Blade | 03


Bamboo Blade (Tama-chan)

“Black and Blue”

The reoccuring joke is Kojirou is perpetually broke and hungry.

“Starting tomorrow, we’re gonna practice here during lunch. To save time, you’ll all be eating lunch here. That includes me, of course. Before you come, pack more food in your lunches than usual!” – Kojirou

A teacher shamelessly buming food from his students…

The club’s equpment supplier is introduced. A pushy old man dying to instruct the kendo club again. It’s great the way he comes at Kojirou, rubbing his hands and shuffling forward in in a creepy manner. Tama-chan inadvertantly rescues Kojirou when she greets the shop owner. It turns out she’s his ferocious instructor at her father’s school. I couldn’t help but think of Aesop’s The Lion and The Mouse. The proud feline is humbled by a small rodent.

The guys walking out with powder rings around their mouths brought back memories of kool-aid stains. LOL For those who don’t know, daifuku is a sweet treat, consisting of a sweet bean paste center and soft shell. The shell is sticky so it’s coated with white powder.

Another reoccuring joke, Miya-Miya’s split personality. She turns into a scary looking girl emitting dark energy. So the facts. She sees bruises on Dan-kun’s arm and turned into sadistic Miya-miya. She picks up a wooden sword and turns into sadistic Miya-miya. Each time is a flashback of the Kendo fight involving Toyama and Iwasa. She overhears the two bullies rag on Dan and her. The evidence suggests those two bullies are going to die. Lucky for them, they’re saved by Saya and treated to some fanservice too.

Kojirou assigns the girl’s team color labels:
Tama-can is red.
Chiba is yellow.
Miya-Miya is pink (or black depending on her mood).
Saya is blue.
Anonymous is green.


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